Friday, July 31, 2009

On the Move

Nayeli has been sitting up on her own since Monday. Here, she is helping me do her load of laundry. Nayeli crawled for the first time today. It was a very small crawl but we are counting today as being the first day she did it! So much for the commando crawl. Nayeli is now a full blown high crawler. Although not the most tactically sound movement daddy keeps telling her to keep her head down. Molly was there to give her support each time with lots of doggie kisses. Nayeli has been skipping her afternoon nap. The last couple of days have been rough since she gets moody when she doesn't take a nap. We think it's because of her new milestone in learning on how to crawl. We hope she continues to take her regular naps. Nayeli is always in a good mood when she wakes up. I cut her other ponytail. I have both little ponytails saved in her first curl box.I started giving Nayeli diluted juice in a sippy cup. So far she just bites on it or throws it around. Nayeli has gotten a habit of grabbing her food and putting it in her hair or on her face. Sometimes she just throws it on the kitchen floor and Molly and Twinkie are right there to eat up Nayeli's donations. It's great to have them around as they are my little sweepers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Nayeli has been trying to crawl but each time she gets on her hands knees she falls on her belly. So instead she rolls over to get where she wants. So far, Nayeli gets to destinations COMMANDO STYLE. Daddy has already said there will be no Military service in Nayeli's future, regardless of her ability to high and low crawl. Daddy has been there and did that for the family!! Shane and I still haven't child proofed our house. We keep thinking we have plenty of time but I think one day Nayeli is going to surprise us.Nayeli had a busy social weekend. On Saturday she went to her friend Joel's 1st Birthday party. She had fun dipping in the pool. She enjoys watching the older kids playing in the pool she wants to go in with them. She would scream and kick. It was fun watching her. Joel's mommy Jen made us feel right at home. She had hand sanitizer all throughout her house. We love her!

On Sunday Nayeli went wine tasting for the first time at Wood Family Vinyards. She watched and hung out with her buddy Joel. Nayeli was not shy and was trying to hold Joel's hand. She is a little flirt. She watched as Joel walked around and wanted to get out of my arms and join him. We think she will walk before she crawls. Her legs are very strong and she stiffens them each time we want her to sit down.

The last couple of days Nayeli has been waking up an hour or two after we put her down to go to sleep. She usually goes back to sleep once I breastfeed her. We think it's a growing spurt.
Joel's mommy holding Nayeli for the first time. Nayeli loved it! Nayeli's first friend

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nayeli is 9 months!

Nayeli is 9 months today and we are thankful to God for our little miracle.

Shane weighed her over the weekend and she is 18lbs. She started wearing size 2-3 diapers this past week. She has more poo diapers now that she is eating 3 times a day. Nayeli is breastfeeding alot more and doesn't care for her bottle anymore. I love making her baby food. Nayeli's nurse said I can start giving her toast, cheerios, pasta, cheese and cottage cheese. I am a little scared but will do it slowly.

Nayeli woke up at 9am today and surprised me and Shane on how long she is sleeping. We felt the need to check on her to make sure she was ok. She was sound asleep. Nayeli has her clock set at 8pm to go to sleep. The minute it strikes 8 she is fast asleep. Shane and I still hold her upright for 20 to 30 minutes so she doesn't puke. Her fourth dosage of Reglan is skipped because she is sleeping. If she starts puking like she did two weeks ago we will have to wake her up and give it to her.

We are amazed on how big she is getting and how much she has changed. She loves clapping her hands and is very vocal. She is trying really hard to rock back and forth when she is on her hands and knees. She also pushes her head against her crib and pak n play to try to get up. She has a 9 month check up coming up and her hearing test next month. These past 9 months have gone by so fast and watching her go through milestones makes us want her to stay this way for alot longer. Happy 9 months Nayeli we love you so much.

Mark 10:16
And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.

God took Nayeli in his arms and blessed her.
Nayeli loves her bow. It's hard for her to keep it on. Nayeli meets Sonya for the first time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Fun!

We went to L.A for the weekend for my HS reunion. Our regular 7 1/2 hour drive was narrowed down to 5 hours. We were very pleased. We had Twinkie and Molly with us too. I think Nayeli is getting used to traveling she loves it. She was puking twice a day for two weeks straight but stopped while we were in L.A. Maybe she needed a vacation. My mom watched her while Shane and I went to my H.S reunion on Saturday night. It was our first date night since the night before we took her home from the hospital. I had a hard time leaving her when I heard her crying with my mom. My mom put Nayeli to sleep Friday night and she didn't cry. So I thought Saturday would be the same. I called my mom to check in on Nayeli and she said she stopped crying within 15-20 minutes. We enjoyed the rest of the evening and had fun! It was great seeing all my H.S friends. Shane and I told them about Nayeli and educated them about CDH. On Sunday we went to my H.S reunion picnic. It was very hot and decided to cool off in the pool at our hotel beofore having dinner with my parents. Nayeli loved her new boat and loved splashing her feet in the water.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A little of everything

Molly & Twinkie competing for best costume.Family lunch after church. Thank you Carter for my cute dressNayeli has the cutest pigtails. They have been thinning out so I decided to cut them to save her curl. I didn't have the heart to cut both so she still has one.Here is a picture of Nayeli's chompers.Thank you John for my cute outfit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Angel Avery

Tonight, Shane and Carissa have made the most difficult choice to take their Baby Avery off of life support. Avery has been fighting CDH for the last two months. She is a little fighter! I am so sad and it breaks our hearts to hear of another baby loosing it's battle against CDH. Please keep Shane, Carissa and Kaitlyn Avery's big sister in your prayers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grandma Dar went home =(

Grandma Dar left yesterday and we miss her so much. It was great having her visit. During her stay she woke up Nayeli a few times because of her snoring. I don't think Nayeli was used to hearing that sound and was scared. It sounded like a bear coming from the guest room = ). One night Grandma Dar must have been having a nightmare because she was yelling in her sleep. We thought that was funny, but Nayeli thought it was scary. Before she left we went to the 4th of July parade and the County Fair. Nayeli went on a ride and loved it. I disenfected the handles and the seats. We saw our friends Jeny and Vince working at the fair and got to chat with them for a bit. It was great seeing them. Nayeli is back on her schedule for bedtime at night. Shane was finally able to put Nayeli to sleep without her crying and puking on him. I am so glad that she is no longer giving daddy a hard time. I introduced chicken to Nayeli today and she ate two spoonfuls. I guess she wants to remain a vegetarian a little longer. I love making her food. Twinkie and Molly love it too, because whatever is leftover from the ice trays they get. They especially loved the chicken puree.

I went for a 3 mile walk with Nayeli, Twinkie and Molly today. Molly was on the bottom part of Nayeli's stroller. Nayeli loved it and couldn't get enough of the outdooors. I can't believe she is 8 1/2 months old. I wish she could stay this way a little longer. I am Nayeli's personal taxi because she sure loves to be carried by me. I don't mind, it's helping me get strong when I go back to work.

Nayeli meets Snow White at the 4th of July Parade
Jeny and Vince
Nayeli has her feet in the pool for the first time.