Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Parties are Tea Parties!

We have a little party animal. We went to three parties last weekend. We took Nayeli to all of them. We told her we are going to two parties and Nayeli kept saying "tea parties". The next day when we were going to the third party we said there will be kids there for you to play with she said "go see kids". I guess she really liked the third party because she is still asking to see kids as of today. She had fun at every single one. We never thought we would be a normal family. A year ago we avoided crowds and didn't go out and were on winter lockdown. This year is so different. We are still paranoid when we here someone coughing or sniffling we run the other way. We are just trying to enjoy going out as a family during the winter months. She tried ice skating a few weeks ago. She loved it! Twinkie and Max! I love this picture! This is how we look every night while we are watching Barney or Gabba before tubby time. I am trying to picture the twins and how I am going to juggle them in here too. I keep telling myself I can do it! I am also praying alot and asking God to help me. We have a comedian in our hands. The other day when we were driving in the car Nayeli said "ewww fart" "roll down window". She farted and it was a stinky fart.Shane and I laughed so hard. She is so funny! She has the cutest little voice. I love hearing her talk. When she wakes up she will start yellling "Mommy" several times. Then it will be "Daddy". She hates getting dressed in the morning so we let her stay in her jammies when we have no where to go right away. She also hates diaper changes in the morning. Just today she has been saying she needs to go potty. So I think she is ready for potty training this weekend. I have been reading books that some potty trained children will regress after a sibling arrives. I am expexting that to happen and will know why if it does. She loves going on the computer and seeing pictures and blogs. She is very vocal on what she wants and what she dislikes. She is following simple instructions and she is a great little helper. I ask her to clean up or put toys away and she will do it and put things away and loves to do it. Since I am having a hard time bending over she is a great helper in getting things for me when I can't bend over. We are so happy that we can listen to other music other than hers in the car again. She will actually say musica and more if the volume is too low or we have a CD on and waiting for the next song. She loves to play with Twinkie and he seems to be ok with her doing things to him that Molly won't allow. She will dress him up, wrestle or hug him and put blankets on him. We got her a Yo Gabba Gabba music CD. She loves it! Here is a video of her dancing. She loves to dance and run around when she hears this CD. She has become more independent. She wants to do things herself and will say "I do it". I will look at her eveyday and it's truly amazing how fast she is growing up. She is so sweet and loves to cuddle. I hope that we will continue to have one on one time with her when the twins arrive because it's so important to me and I am sure it will be for her too.

We took her to get a picture with Santa. She was serious the entire time and didn't smile once. When she was done she went straight to the ducks and was so happy she laughed non stop. She loves animals and will say each animal sound. We have video of that back during the summer but I will make a new one soon. She will go around and pretend she is a bear or lion and make a roaring sound and ask me if I am scared. I say yes I am so scared. She giggles and continues to do it. She will do something and ask if I like it or will ask Shane if he likes it. Sometimes we have to say no because it's something like pulling my hair or squeezing my breast. Not fun! Other times it will be her brushing my hair or putting a blankie on me. That I do like. We turned her car seat forward facing a few weeks ago and she loves it. She will say "careful mama" when I am driving or "come on people". She likes to say that when there is also hockey game on. She is a great Kings and Sabres fan.

We decorated the tree last week and she had so much fun putting up ornaments. She received her first gift from her nanny who she calls "Nina". She wanted to open it but we told her she would have to wait until christmas. She has been really good and hasn't touched any of the gifts that we have wrapped. I went to my high risk Dr. today. He said everthing looks great. He said it's ok for me to travel and to go to LA. I am so happy! He did have me go on a preterm birth watch. It's sounds scarieer than it sounds. I am 26 weeks this week and I have been put on preterm birth watch. Basically they are just monitoring me a little closer. I get a call from a nurse once a week on a Tuesday morning. They want me to lay down for one hour once a day and feel for contractions. I am just glad I am not on bed rest and things are looking great. Thank you GOD!

My Dr. has to check my cervix each visit with this device not fun. Shane made him laugh during this picture. Here is a picture of the twins heads I made a short video of the funny and cute things she is doing. I wish I had a candid camera all of the time because she will sometimes stop doing something when she sees the camera. She will say "see it" and wants to see herself.