Sunday, September 15, 2013

First day of school (TK)

My parents came to visit the weekend before Nayeli started school. I was so happy to see them and the kids had fun with them as usual. My parents know how to spoil us by cooking and cleaning. They are awesome!

As the first day of school approached I tried to prepare myself the best I could. I took the kids to a cute amusement park. I was brave enough to go by myself since Shane had to work OT.  They listened and had fun. The night before her first day of school I bursted out crying. Shane as always was there to comfort me and be supportive. What what I do without him. I would be lost! He told me he had the day off so he would be there with me as we dropped her off. It was a big day! We took Eli, Eliana and Molly. The only one missing was Twinkie. Gosh how I miss that dog. Nayeli was very excited! I don't know if it was because she had new clothes or just because she was going to school. When we got there she was all smiles then she said she didn't see any of her friends. I told her she was going into Transitional Kindergarten and her friends were going into Kindergarten. When we picked her up she said she had fun and was ready for Kindergarten. She is so smart and funny!

She looks forward to going to school and never complains. Which means her teacher is a great one for keeping her happy and inerested. We are so proud of her!

Here are a few pictures of her first day. What a great milestone!

                                         Nayeli's TK teacher.
Nayeli's first day of school was only for ONE hour so we took her to Chuck E Cheese as first day tradition. She loved it!