Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vacation in LA and in Labor in Delivery

I can't believe how I just don't have time to finish the blog. I always start and then never finish. I hope to be able to update sooner next time.

We had a nice Christmas at home and enjoyed watching Nayeli open all her presents. We had the Loal News contact us regarding the Nayeli Faith Foundation and were interviewed. It was great talking about CDH and to raise awareness of this birth defect. It gave us a great oppurtunity to talk about our foundation. We had alot of friends contact us and tell how great it was to see us on the news.

We planned a vacation to go to LA and visit my parents and have our babyshower down there to see our friends. We were so excited to go on our last vacation as a family of three. I guess I didn't realize that I was exerting myself getting everything ready for our trip. On December 30th I ended up in Labor in Delivery. I was about to give Nayeli a bath when I went to the bathroom I noticed I was bleeding. I FREAKED OUT! I cried and called the Prenatal Birth Watch Hotline. They told me I need to go in the hospital and get checked out. I called Shane at work and I sounded very upset. He came home and we had our friend come over and babysit. Nayeli must have known something was wrong because she was clinging to me and wouldn't let go. She would cry if our babysitter tried to play or talk to her. I have never seen her act this way. I was supposed to lay down until Shane got home but Nayeli was so upset she wanted me just to hold her. I finally got her to lay next to me until Shane got home.

When we got to the hospital they immediately were looking to see if I was contracting and they checked the babies heartbeats. Then they did an ultrasound and lastly my least favorite they checked me with a specula to see where the bleeding was coming from. Everything was fine I had not bled since I got to the hospital and that was a great sign. The Doctor said it was ok to travel and go to LA. We stopped several times
We had the best time visiting my parents. We took Nayeli to the Rose parade and she loved it! She got to go pony rides on Sunday and Thursday. We bought a new car on Monday. A Honda Odyssey mini van. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it now I love it! We took Nayeli to the snow for the first time on Wednesday. She took off her gloves and played with the snow with her bare hand. She didn't care her hand was freezing. She had the best time. I love those momments when we see her enjoy something so simple. She made three little snowmen with Daddy and Grandma. We went to the mall twice and I loved getting a scotter and ridding on that instead of walking. It was great! Nayeli enjoyed the rides too. On Thursday afternoon we went to have a 3D/4D ultrasound. We were a little disappointed because they couldn't get any pictures of our baby girl. The only pictures they got were our baby boy were profile ones. They asked us to come back on Saturday and we did. They captured a few profile pics of our baby girl and they refunded us some money back.
We were having a great week and I was resting and letting my mom and Shane do alot for me and taking care of Nayeli. I ended up in Labor Delivery on Saturday morning for brown discharge. This time they said they wanted to make sure it wasn't my plug. I was examined right away which was good because I didn't want to miss my babyshower. They said everything was fine and did the same procedure as before. They also told me it was ok to travel and I could go back home the next day. We made it to our party and had a great time seeing our friends. Nayeli had a great time opening presents and receiving them as well. I am so glad our friends included her too. It was hard to say goodby to our friends and family. We plan on going back in June. We had a nice drive back home in our new car. I love that I was able to recline the seat all the way back. Nayeli loved it too because she now has a DVD player and loved watching Barney and Yo Gabba Gabba on the way home.

I had an appt with my high risk Dr. on Wednesday the 12th and he said everything looks great. He told me the babies look great. I also had an appt with the sonographer on the 19th. She measured the babies. Baby girl weighs 3 lbs.5oz and baby boy weighs 4 lbs. 2oz. She didn't tell me the length. Both babies look great and she showed me the diaphragm. I can't help but to ask each time.

Some of the precautions I am now supposed to take are I am not supposed to pick up Nayeli up as much. If I do it's usually during bedtime to rock her. I put a mini ladder next to her crib when it's time for bed. She climbs up on it with no problem and I am right there making sure she doesn't fall. I have lowered her highchair so she can climb on it instead of me picking her up. My high risk Dr. told me its ok to pick her up but to limit it. I usually only do it when she wants to be held at night. I rock her for a few minutes and I put her back in her crib. When I give her a bath each night she cooperates and sits on the side of the tub and slowly puts one foot in the tub at a time while holding on to me.

She has been showing off her belly and saying "feel babies". She will come up to me and feel my belly and say "baby kicking". She laughs so hard when she sees the babies on the ultrasound. She will yell "BABIES".

My parents came to visit on the 14th and were here for the weekend. They took care of Nayeli for an entire day while Shane and I went to a childbirth class. We are glad we took it again. It was different this time since the first time we had a planned induction. I had a Dr. appt today and he said that the babies are at 4 lbs. each and they are measuring 16 inches. We discussed birth plans. He said that if baby A is faced down and baby B is breach they can still do a V-Bac. If they are both breech then it would be a c-section. I am 31 weeks now so by the time I am 34 weeks he will have a better idea of what plan we are going to go with. I am not as scared as I was in delivering Nayeli. I am actually excited and looking forward to giving birth to twins. What a blessing God has given us. We are forever grateful!

Nayeli sure knows what to say to cheer me up. Lately my hornmones have been getting to me and Nayeli will see me cry and say "stop crying mommy,it's ok". She is so sweet. Her vocabulary is taking off. She will ask me if I like something before she tries it. If she sees or hears something scary she will either cover her eyes and say "scary" or just come up to us for a hug for reassurance. When she hears something she will put her hand next to her ear and wait to see what the sound is. She loves to sing along with some of her favorite songs from her Yo Gabba CD or the other CDs she has. She gets very upset if she drops somethng or spills something. She is very vocal and will tell you what she wants and she hates to wait. We need to teach her patience. We enjoy playing with her. Shane usually is the one that can play with her more physical with her right now. I miss that! I usually will sit down with her and she will play with her tea set with me or just read books. I love watching her. She has been such a great big help lately. She will put her laundry away and knows where it goes. She will also put her dirty clothes in the hamper. She has had her terrible tantrums they are priceless. Sometimes it's hard keeping a serious face when she melts down like that. I will usually just say let's hug and that makes her calm down. I don't think she knows why she get so upset sometimes. Everything she does is priceless!

Here is a video of our trip to LA.