Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am wearing Turquoise!

CDH Awareness is today. Please support me and my CDH friends and families and wear turquoise today. Please also tell someone new about CDH to make more people aware of CDH.
If you would like to send a picture of yourself wearing turquoise please email me at elizabethnelson89@yahoo.com and I will post your picture on Nayeli's blog.
P.S. Thank you Carter for my cute onesie.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I love being Spoiled by my Grandparents

My Grandparents came to visit over the weekend. We had a great time. They cooked delicious dinners for my mommy and daddy and had long conversations that I slept through. It's great having them visit since my mom and dad can't take me anywhere or have visitors. My nana Victoria spoiled me with lots of cute clothes, she also knitted me a beautiful blanket for me to snuggle in and booties. I also received a big box of toys and cute clothes from my Grandma in Buffalo. I can't wait to wear them! I love being spoiled. My mommy didn't want to be left out in spoiling me so she bought me a bunch of books and a Baby Sign Language book with DVD. I hope to be able to learn soon. My plan is to learn to sign so I can sign with Carter and we can talk about our parents.

Here is a picture of me wearing one of my mommy's outfits when she was 4 months.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Angel Maxton

Last night baby Maxton lost his battle against CDH. Please pray for Ashley and David for loosing their precious little baby Maxton. We are sad and our prayers are with Maxton's family.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stroller Ride!

UCSF gave us the green light to take Nayeli for a stroller ride. UCSF told us that we still can't take Nayeli into crowds until they see her again in April. We were so excited and happy that we were taking Nayeli for her first stroller ride that did not include the hospital. I was also happy that I didn't have to cover her stroller with a blanket like I do when we go to the hospital. The weather was perfect! Twinkie and Molly were walking like pros next to Nayeli's stroller. Nayeli enjoyed her short strolle ride, she was looking around and was happy. She started to fall asleep on our way back home. I got a little teary eyed as usual because she is a miracle to be here. We never stop thanking God for Nayeli.

Nayeli catching some waves during tummy time on her surf mat. She has been doing 10 minutes on this mat. She loves it! Twinkie and Molly are great on distracting her and cheering her on.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nayeli modeling her Onesies

Last July at our babyshower in L.A. our friends all made onesies for us. Here are pictures of Nayeli modeling her onesies. Nayeli started to play with her feet this week. Today she tried putting her foot in her mouth. We tried to take pictures but she is to quick not to do it with a camera around. We are looking forward to my parents coming to visit this weekend.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Angel Virginia Addison Accord

I got the phone call from Kristi Kaden Alex's mommy this evening telling me about Addison loosing her battle against CDH. I started to cry and had to put Nayeli down for Shane to take care of her because I was shaking. I logged on earlier to see if there was an update on Addison's blog but there was no new news.

I was honored to have met precious Addison as well her parents, Marion and Jason. Please pray for Marion and Jason for their loss of their little girl Addiosn. Shane and I are deeply saddened by Addison loosing her battle.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rollie Pollie

Nayeli had her 5th RSV shot today, she has one more to go! She weighs 13 lbs. 15 oz. She has been puke free for about one week. We hope it stays this way. Nayeli rolled over for the first time in her crib today. She let out this big scream. Shane went running into her room and found Nayeli with her left arm in between the crib bars and Nayeli was on her tummy. Nayeli was not happy and hates tummy time. I told Shane a week ago that when Nayeli rolls over for the first time she will hate it because she hates being on her tummy. I am glad that she hates it in a way so that way I don't worry if she is faced down when she rolls over. We thank God for our daughter and are having fun watching her grow.

Our work place approved sick leave donations from our coworkers for Liz. Unfortunetely we have no way of knowing who donated time but we did notice some people made a donation. We are grateful and it came at a time when we really needed it. Nayeli's Doctor wrote a letter regarding Nayeli not being exposed to crowds and visitors. Nayeli will be reevaluated in late April on her lung growth. We are looking forward to showing her off to everyone. We are also looking forward to the weather getting warm so Nayeli can start having stroller rides.
A picture of my little princess with me on my Bday.

Nayeli has been enjoying tummy time more each day but sometimes she just does not want to do it. Here is a picture of Nayeli not enjoying tummy time.

Here is a video of Max trying to figure out what Nayeli is doing.

There are several babies fighting the CDH battle right now. Please pray for Sydney,Oakley Elissa Mae, Virginia Addison and Maxton. Please pray for our new friends Kristi and Craig who are expecting Kaden with CDH in a few weeks at UCSF.