Monday, March 9, 2009

Rollie Pollie

Nayeli had her 5th RSV shot today, she has one more to go! She weighs 13 lbs. 15 oz. She has been puke free for about one week. We hope it stays this way. Nayeli rolled over for the first time in her crib today. She let out this big scream. Shane went running into her room and found Nayeli with her left arm in between the crib bars and Nayeli was on her tummy. Nayeli was not happy and hates tummy time. I told Shane a week ago that when Nayeli rolls over for the first time she will hate it because she hates being on her tummy. I am glad that she hates it in a way so that way I don't worry if she is faced down when she rolls over. We thank God for our daughter and are having fun watching her grow.

Our work place approved sick leave donations from our coworkers for Liz. Unfortunetely we have no way of knowing who donated time but we did notice some people made a donation. We are grateful and it came at a time when we really needed it. Nayeli's Doctor wrote a letter regarding Nayeli not being exposed to crowds and visitors. Nayeli will be reevaluated in late April on her lung growth. We are looking forward to showing her off to everyone. We are also looking forward to the weather getting warm so Nayeli can start having stroller rides.
A picture of my little princess with me on my Bday.

Nayeli has been enjoying tummy time more each day but sometimes she just does not want to do it. Here is a picture of Nayeli not enjoying tummy time.

Here is a video of Max trying to figure out what Nayeli is doing.

There are several babies fighting the CDH battle right now. Please pray for Sydney,Oakley Elissa Mae, Virginia Addison and Maxton. Please pray for our new friends Kristi and Craig who are expecting Kaden with CDH in a few weeks at UCSF.


Daria said...

What a cute birthday picture - her big smile makes me smile, too.

Aep said...

So cute!!!
Yea for one more RSV shot... we are also excited about that (Marco is ecstatic) :)
Nice weight gain and that smile in the picture with you is precious!!!
Hope Spring comes soon!!!

Craig and Kristi Kuehl said...

She looks fantastic!! I just love having you as my friend :)

Tracy Meats said...

She looks great guys!! So happy to hear that she is starting to roll. Before you know it, she will be enjoying her tummy time! Try rolling a receiving blanket/small thin blanket into a "long roll" and put under her arms back closer to the chest and under her armpits, that will give her some support. I love watching Nayeli grow!!

Hugs, Tracy - mom to Ian

Jaime Smith said...

WOW, she is getting big and is as beautiful as ever! She reminds me so much of Reggan, she HATED tummy time too, no matter what I did. I love watching these little CDH babies grow and am thankful that you share your story as it makes me smile!

Jaime, mommy to angel Ryann

Jenna said...

So cute!

Happy belated birthday Liz! You'll have to tell me the day so I don't miss it in the future!

Jenna & Will

Maxton's Mommy said...

:-) Nayeli is just SOOO cute. I love seeing pictures of her. Thanks for the prayer requests. Maxton is really fighting and I know the prayers are helping.

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

It's so wonderful seeing Nayeli doing so well. Well done to all 3 of you! She is soo cute!
Ah, by the way, Alina also hates her tummy time. We even stopped sounds like our CDH babies definitely know what they like and don't like :0).

Fer said...

Liz, she's so cute!!!!!!

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

She's getting so big! She doesn't even look like a newborn anymore. Carter still doesn't like tummy time for very long, but he used to HATE it, so she'll adjust soon. Watch out b/c now that she's figured it out, she'll be rolling all over her crib! :)

Anonymous said...

Precious, precious, precious. Wonderful update! Can't wait to meet her someday! Love, Amy

Elizabeth said...

She is so adorable Liz and Shane - she gets more beautiful in every picture.