Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 weeks in Hospital!

I had an ultrasound on the 4th. It was my last u/s before Eli and Eliana arrive. I am glad Nayeli, Shane and my dad were there. They told me that Eliana weighs 6lbs 9oz give or take 15oz and Eli weighs 6lbs 12 oz give or take 15oz. Eliana is breech and Eli is faced down. I am having pep talks with Eliana so she turns. I don't want another csection its all up to her.

My dad has been flying back and forth from LA to help watch Nayeli while Shane goes to work. At first Nayeli gave him a hard time for dinner, bath time and bedtime. She would say "I don't want it" when she didn't want to eat what my dad my for dinner. I told my dad to ask her what she wanted and she would respond "chicken dinasours". She ate chicken dinasours for 1 week. My dad and Nayeli had so much bonding time that she made it easier for my dad after the first week and they have a bond that is so precious. So grateful for my dads help. My mom will be here to help us when I go into labor. I wish they lived closer.

Being away from Nayeli and Shane has been difficult. I appreciate Shane bringing Nayeli to visit me everyday for lunch. She has grown so much in just these past few weeks. When it's time to go she will say "come on mommy let's go" and when she says bye to me she will kiss me on the cheeck, give me a two kisses on the belly and say "ok bye". Watching them leave is sometimes hard and I sit and cry especially when I see them walk by from my window view.

I celebrated my birthday in the hospital on the 7th. Shane and Nayeli came to visit me and brought me Mcdonalds. I was craving a Big Mac and I got it! Shane has been great about bringing Nayeli to visit me everyday for lunch. On the weekends sometimes he brings her twice a day. She is doing great and not giving grandpa a hard time anymore. I can't believe I will be in the hospital three weeks tommorow. I feel like I have missed so much with Nayeli. I know its a big sacrifice being in the hospital and I am doing it for Eliana and Eli. I don't want them to end up in the NICU. I only have one more week.

On Saturday the 5th at 2am I started to bleed and I had a clot the size of an orange come out. I already knew why it was happening. Earlier on Friday afternoon I got upset regarding a nurse talking with me about a procedure. After she left within an hour I threw up 5 consecutives times. I was so stressed over our conversation. I was coughing a lot because I threw up and I felt a lot of pressure on my pelvis shortly after. I went to bed and sure enough I let out a clot as soon as I coughed. I was so upset for allowing this nurse to get to me this way. I was so afraid they were going to do an emergency csection that day. The worst part was Shane wasn't answering his phone. I called him and texted him. I texted him after they observed the babies on the monitor for over an hour and told him everything was fine. He didn't call me back until 6am I also left him a message what was going on. I am just glad nothing happened otherwise he would've missed everything. I thought for sure my high risk Dr would've come to see me on Monday morning to talk to me about what happened.

My high risk Dr came to talk to me and Shane on Tuesday. He talked about having an amnio and the benefits. He said that if the babies lungs are mature he can deliver them but if they are not then he would wait another week and procede with the csection. He said if I wait there is a 1% to 2% that I could bleed again and I would have to have an emergency csection if the bleeding was heavy. He also said if I do bleed again I would have to have a csection. I decided to wait.

All the nurses have been very nice to me and some even take the time to talk to me when I am feeling lonely. Which is great since I sometimes go days without visitors other than Shane and Nayeli. The daily routine is breakfast at 730am, medications at 830am, NST at 9am, shower at 10am, soap opera at 11am, lunch with Shane and Nayeli at 12pm, medication at 1pm, nap at 2pm, vitals at 4pm, dinner at 6pm, NST at 8pm, bedtime 10pm. I have to pee every hour so sleeping longer than that is not happening. No one comes in until 630am to take my vitals which is great! I have had my hairstylist come and give me a haircut and it's amazing what a haircut can do. I feel great!

It's been very hard to be in a small room for a couple of weeks during this time I have taken this time to rest and meditate with my pregnancy CD's and have caught up on reading alot of books. I have also prayed alot and have asked God to help me find strength throught all of this. When I have felt very down and sad I immediatley get visitors or phone calls. It's almost as God is working through my friends to give me strength. I am grateful for such amazing friends and appreciate all they have done for us. One of the projects I was able to finish was two photo albums from pictures from the summer of 2009. I get up almost every hour to pee I am half asleep and manage to go back to sleep right away. The other night I heard a drilling. I have a white noise machine that I had Shane bring to me since I kept hearing all the newborn babies crying all through out the night. I actually heard the drilling over the machine. I got up with my tank top and underwear and looked out my door. I saw a hosptial worker buffing/waxing the hosptial floors at 3am. Who does this? I couldn't believe my eyes. I just stared at him and then went back in my room. I was in shock and almost felt like saying something but I was too tired.

It's been getting more difficult to move around. I either lay down on my left or right side. I favor the left because when I lay on my right I feel a stab on my lower ab. I feel Eli move alot more than Eliana it's been like that through out my entire pregnancy. Eli gets more hiccups too. I can't believe they will be here soon. We are so excited!

There is no WiFi in the hospital so trying to update the blog from my cell phone has been very hard. I am not able to load up any pictures.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eliana Hope and Eli Luc

On Thursday February 17th I started to bleed again. Shane cam home from work and took me to the hospital. I am so glad my dad was home because it was 1030pm and I would've felt bad if we had to take Nayeli with us. The Dr examined me and said I would have to stay over night. They took me to a double room and there was another patient there. I didn't sleep at all that night because I was still fighting my cough/cold. The nurses kept waking me up because they we're monitoring the babies and me. I was exhausted Friday morning. I was so glad to see that the other patient was going home. Maybe now I can get some rest. The Dr told me that they are going to hold me for another night and my high risk Dr is going to call me. I was hoping that once I spoke with him he would tell me I would be able to go home. My high risk Dr called me and said for the safety of the babies and myself that I should stay until babies are born. It could be 1 to 3 weeks. He said since it is the 6th incident he said it would be best for the babies and me. I was really sad with the news. I am going to be away from Nayeli and Shane everyday. I was in tears. I started to pray and I realize its the best for the babies and me.

I am 36 weeks this week and the Dr thinks I will be able to make it to 38 weeks woith no porblems. I haven't had anymore bleeding and I hardly have any contractions. Bedrest is making a difference. We are very thankful that my dad has been helping us out. He stayed for two weeks went home last Friday and came back this past Monday. Nayeli was taking advantage of him and not cooperating at all. They are doing a lot better and my dad has finally figured Nayeli out. I am so glad and happy they are having this bonding time together and makiang memories. My mom is working and the plan is as soon as I have my csection she will come up to take care of Nayeli.

My high risk Dr told me that he has me on the calender for a scheduled csecxtion on March 17th. I will be exactly 38 weeks. He asked me if I would be ok if he did an amnio on the 37th week to see if babies are ready to come out then. Shane and I are not agreeable to that and don't understand why take a chance for infection or hurting the babies when there is only one more week after that. After everything we have been through with our last three pregnancies we don't want to take any risks. The babies haven't turned Dr said if they do I can have a Vbac but if they don't then it will be a csection. I would love to deliver vaginaly but if I don't then I am just thankful for all that God has given us.

The names we chose for our babies are "Eliana Hope" for our baby girl and "Eli Luc" for our baby boy. We chose Eliana because it is in the baby book with Nayeli being the sister name. When we picked Nayeli I thought if she had a sister Eliana would be the perfect sister name. It also means God has answered which is how we feel. Shane and I had a tough time with our baby boy's name. I wanted Noah and Shane thought it was a soft name. He liked Eli and I did toobut still wanted Noah. We finally agreed and we are happy with choice. We chose Luc as the middle name. In October of 2007 I had to end my pregnancy at 14 weeks because of our baby having anomolies that were not going to allow him to survive out of utero. When we got the pathology report back we found out we were having a boy. I had a dream prior to that he was a boy. We decided to name him Luc. We hope that Eli will one day be honored to carry his brother's legacy in his middle name. We thank God for giving us this beautiful blessing of having twins and for the miracle. We praise him for all that he has given us.