Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend Get Away!

Shane and I were looking forward in getting away for the weekend. My parents drove up on Thursday the 17th from So Cal. to visit. We went to Aptos on the 18th and stayed at my friend's beach house for the weekend. On Saturday we went to Monterey. Shane and my parents enjoyed wine tasting while I enjoyed being the designated driver. Nayeli was very active that day she wouldn't stop kicking. I enjoyed every minute! My mom was so happy to feel her kick for the first time. On Sunday we went to Carmel for the day for a Dachshund beach party. We took Molly and my mom took Ducey. They both wore their cute dresses and had fun. We had fun watching all sorts of dachshunds walking around. There must have been over 100. Earlieer that morning I cried and I couldn't stop. I was praying that God could hear my prayers for Nayeli. I did try to have a good time on our weekend get away. I just can't stop thinking about what we are going to face in 14 weeks. We appreciate the support that we have received, you are keeping us strong!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good News!

I had an appt. today with my Dr. at Kaiser Hospital. He went over the information from UCSF with us. He wants me to meet with the Pediatrician Surgeon from Kaiser and get a consultation with them. Shane and I decided not to have the trachael occlusion surgery. The Dr. at UCSF told us the risks involved to me and Nayeli. We decided to have Nayeli full term.

I had an ultrasound today and he told us Nayeli is 1lb 11oz and she looks great. He did the LHR three weeks prior to our visit to UCSF and Nayeli's LHR was 0.9. When we were at UCSF they told us Nayeli's LHR was 1.0-1.1 Today he did the LHR and it was 2.0, I gave him a hug. Shane and I were so happy. We have been praying for Nayeli's lungs to grow. I am so thanful to God and believe in him. The Dr. said not to get to excited because in two weeks when I come back it could change and be 1.3 Shane and I are going to continue to stay positive and pray for Nayeli. Everyday she is more active and I feel her moving around alot more. I tell her she needs to battle this and be strong. I pray everyday and ask God to please help our baby girl be strong and help us through this.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We went to our appt. today. It was a long exhuasting day. We were there from 9am til 5pm. We had an echocardiogram at 9am, an ultrasound at 10:45am The ultrasound took over two hours. They told us to come back at 2pm. We met with the Dr. and he said he met with the staff of 30, other Doctors and nurses and they discussed our case. We had so many questions but first the Dr. had to talk to us about the tests results. The echocardiogram showed the heart to be strong. We were thankful and wanted to hear more good news. The ultrasound didn't show any other problems. We were both happy to hear that too. The Dr. told us that Nayeli had a moderate severe case of CDH. Her stomach, intestines, and part of her liver are up. He told us that her survival rate would be 40%-50%. Nayeli's LHR (lung to head to ratio) is 1.0-1.1 He answered all of the questions. We met with their Social Worker. She took us to NICU. They had two other CDH babies in NICU. Shane and I both were trying to be strong as we walked by the babies and the visiting moms, we cried. It was hard not to. We are still trying to soak all of this day in. I have my Dr. appt with my regular OB next week and he is going to go over everything from today. We pray each day that Nayeli's lungs continue to grow and be strong.