Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nayeli has a new brother and sister

March 12thEliana Hope born at 5:10pm 6 lbs 11 oz 19 inches longEli Luc born at 5:11pm 6 lbs 9 oz 19 3/4 inches long
On Thursday, March 10th one of the Doctors came to tell me that it's ok to go outside in the patio for 20 minutes once a day in a wheelchair. I was so excited! I waited to go outside until Friday with Nayeli and Shane during their daily lunch visit. I had a few tears from just being able to go outside and breath fresh air. So much you take for granted such simple things when you are healthy. I had a nice time sitting in the sun. Witihin 15 minutes I told Shane I wasn't feeling very well sitting any longer so he took me back to my room. I had friends coming to see me after Shane and Nayeli. I almost told them to cancel because I wasn't feeling very well. For the rest of the day I felt very sore and lots of pressure on my pelvic area. I remember one of the nurses tellimg me not to move around or do much when there is a full moon or when there is a change in the barometric pressure. That day there was an earthquake in Japan which caused a tsunami in Northern Cali. They made it sound so bad but when it finally hit it caused little damamge. I didn't put it together until the next morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom and saw blood for the 8th time. I called the nurses and they called the Dr. on duty. She told me that she planned on monitoring me and would come back. She came back in and told me that they were going to move me into Labor and Delivery room and I would have a csection today. I heard her say I would not get breakfast. I was so hungry I quickly got the cupcakes my friend brought for me earlier in the week for my bday. I stuffed my face with three and dranke 16 oz. of water. I knew by doing this they would have to wait on doing the csection.

I called Shane and told him what they were going to do. We quickly called my parents and they got everything ready and drove from L.A. We called a couple of our friends to see if they could watch Nayeli in case it became an emergency csection and Shane would have to come in right away. The Doctor told me the surgery would be after 4pm. My parents weren't going to arrive until 7pm so we had Aunt Sherrie and our friend Sonya watch Nayeli. We are so thankful they were there for us.

I tried to take a nap but I just couldn't I was so nervous all day. I cried a few times and kept praying. One of the Doctors came and told me how serious the surgery was going to be. He explained that the placenta is on the back and would have a hard time getting to it. I would be loosing alot of blood. I would probably need a blood transfusion. I prayed that the surgery would go well and Eliana and Eli would arrive healthy and I wouldn't need a blood transfusion. Shane brought Nayeli to see me one last time in the morning. She came up to me in bed. She lifted my gown and said "babies". Out of all the times she came to visit me she never did that until then. I guess she knew they were on there way. She would always kiss and rub my belly and say "babies" I thought to myself this will be the last time she will be the only child. Next time I see her she will have a brother and sister. How great!

Shane arrived at 4pm and got his scrubs on. The nurse came in and said it's time. I got out of bed and put a head net on. They took me into the surgery room in a wheelchair. The surgery room was bright white and so cold. They did a spinal tap on me and I thought that was more painful than when I got the epidural when I had Nayeli. It took the Dr. a couple of tries. The surgery didn't take too long. Shane was able to take pictures as they were coming out. I think they are to graphic to put on here. I heard Eliana cry first and I just bursted into tears. I saw her as they were weighing her and checking her. Then Eli came out is was a chorus with both of them crying. Eliana weighed 6 lbs. 9oz 19 inches long and Eli weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. 19 3/4 inches long. Shane and I were laughing and I was crying so happy I couldn't stop crying. We have been through so much to finally have had a normal pregnancy and deliver semi normal. GOD IS GREAT!

They took me into the recovery room. Things startedto go bad and my blood pressure went low. Everyone rushed in Shane looked so concerned. I almost passed out a few times. The walls and ceiling felt like they were caving in on me. It was horrible! I was in the recovery room until 11pm. I was so anxious to see Eliana and Eli. They finally took me to my room and I finally was able to hold them and cuddle them in my room. I cried again! They are so precious! Shane and I had a rough a first night. I think Shane had a harder time with the sleep deprivation at the hospital than I did. I was exhausted but I had this burst of energy come and go. My parents and Nayeli came in to visit us. I was so curious to see what Nayeli would do when she finally got to meet Eli and Eliana. She did great! She came to visit every day until I left the hospital.

My parents stayed with us for a one week and were so helpful. My mom cooked dinners and put them in the freezer for us. It was great having extra helpful hands with the babies and Nayeli. I was sad to see them go. The first week was very hard for us. The past few weeks have gotten easier. We are starting to have a routine. We put the babies to sleep by 8pm and Nayeli by 830pm. It's a little hard to do the evening routine starting with dinner time up to bedtime. We decided to hire help so I have it when Shane goes back to work. So far she has been a wonderful help to me.

Eli and Eliana smiled for the first time a this past week. Eli loves to do it more often. I have yet to see a smile from Eliana. Shane said she smiled for him. They are so different from each other. Eli loves to be carried and held and Eliana is very content on her swing or bouncy seat. Eli grunts when he eats.

We are cherishing everyday because we see it's going by fast. I read in one of my twin books that it's like we are sailing in the high seas and we have to learn to tie the knots on direct the boat soon we will be able to have a smooth sailing. I hope thats soon. They take cat naps during the day at home but if we drive to their Dr. appt or take a short drive they will sleep for 2 hours or more. I am just glad we are keeping them on the same schedule and it continues to work. Consistency pays off!
Eli's first SMILE!

Nayeli has been wonderful with Eli and Eliana. She was so excited to visit me each day at the hospital and would say "babies" each time she grabbed my belly. We were all wondering what she would do when she would see them. She was excited and wanted to hold them. It was wonderful watching her hold them. It was funny that she didn't want to hold them once they would start to cry. She has a funny look on her face when they do. Once we brought them home I thought her enthusiastic would go away. She is wonderful with them. The minute they start to cry she will say "babies" crying", when the their binkie falls out of their mouths she is quick to try to put it back in. When she sees us diaper changing them she will grab a diaper and the diaper rash creme for us. We always praise her and tell her she is a wonderful helper and a great big sister. The funny things she does is when the babies cry sometimes she will say "oh dear" and will also say "shhhh". When the babies are sleeping she will say "shhhh babies sleeping". She enjoys having her picture taken and will strike a pose. She used to cry and scream before the babies were here. She likes to see her picture after it has been taken. Everyday is an exciting day in the house. There are milestones with each one of them it's hard to keep up.
Nayeli is doing well with potty training. We had to put her in pull ups because she was having too many accidents and with two newborns around it becomes hectic cleaning her up each time. My mom did a great job in starting her on potty training. She will still pee once in a while but usually will tell us when she has to go. She has been great when we are out. We have a little portable potty in the car just in case there is no restroom near by. Plus I actually like it better than the public restroom. We usually hold her straight up with out touching the toilets it's a great workout LOL. She still poops in her pull up and hasn't told us when she has to go. I am hoping that will happen soon. She will tell us after she has
gone in them.

We have tried to take turns in having alone time with Nayeli. She loves it and enjoys it. She is enrolled in her music class and gymnastics and will soon start swimming. She has gone from 3 word sentences to 4. Yesterday she said "Daddy put on shirt" our little girl is growing up. She loves to wear dresses and her tutu's which she has plenty of. She will say "princess dress" when she wants to wear them. Lately she likes to pick out what she is wearing for the day. Sometimes she is unhappy when I tell her she can't wear her skirt in 50 degree weather because it's too cold. She will have a tantrum. Or she will want to wear her dress over her pj's or wear her pj's for the day. She makes me laugh when she does this but it's sometimes hard to deal with too.

We thank God for our three miracles and feel so blessed to have them in our lives. God is great!