Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are teaching Nayeli Ah Ah Ah don't touch! Here she is trying to see what we would do. Look a her face too cute!

This past week Nayeli has been pointing alot more and saying "Toot" when she wants something. When I am giving her a bath she will say "toot" and point to every toy she sees and wants me to hand it to her. She will see something on a shelve or her sippy cup and say "toot" and point. Her appetite has decreased we are hoping it's just from teething. She will nibble on something and then point to her sippy cup and say "toot". We now have to hide her sippy cup until she is almost done eating otherwise she will stop eating. This week she started to do the baby sign for more when she wants more of something. We praise her and she starts to clap.

She is still waking up one to two times a night. I have tried to see if she will go back to sleep with just a diaper change and not BF. She actually did twice. We started to give her whole milk on Saturday. She made a funny face and spit it out the first time and has taken 5cc to 15cc since. I was afraid that she would stop BF once she tasted whole milk. I guess I don't have anything to worry about. She is BF less now that she is eating more solids. She will BF three to four times a day and doesn't stay latched on for very long.

I was lucky enough to have the last three Wednesdays off. One Wednesday was a holiday and the other two my volutary time off without pay request was granted. My dad got sick one week and my mom was exposed so we didn't want to chance her giving Nayeli a bug. I love having 4 days off with Nayeli. We have had so much fun! I have taken her out for walks and have picnics. We avoid crowds but I still take her outside where she can see other people from a distance. I am hoping this winter goes by fast.

Still no H1N1 for Nayeli. They ran out and haven't had anymore. We were told that only Nayeli would be able to get the shot. I don't understand why we can't. We are hoping that changes when the shots arrive.

I was in shock last night when Nayeli said the sh*t word. I have been very careful not to say it around her but sometimes it slips. I knew she would learn it right away since she is really good with her SH words like shoe, Shane and Shhhh. She just came out and blurted it out last night. I tried really hard not to laugh and ignored it. From this day forward I will have to be extra careful what I say. She copies everything I say.
Picnic with MommyRiding in her wheels around the blockClimbing on her bouncy chairThe escape artist! She has lots of blankies but she chooses to play with this one. It's is kinda of funny to see her play with this.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nayeli Faith One year pictures

Last Sunday we had our pictures taken by Karen. She runs a foundation called Moment by Moment and she also has her own buisness Custom Moments. She is a wonderful photographer!

Karen always captures the best Nayeli moments. We are so happy to see and compare the pictures of her last photo shoot and how much she has grown. Twinkie and Molly can't be left out. They love taking pictures too!

Karen started Moment by Moment in 2005 a non profit 501 (c) organization to take complimentary photos of children with life limiting diagnosis. Karen took pictures of us while I was pregnant at no charge. We were going to have Karen take photos of Nayeli while she was at UCSF when we didn't know what was going to be the outcome. Thank you Karen for doing what you do. Please visit her website to see the wonderful work her organization does.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Princess Chair

Nayeli loves her Monkey hat! We still haven't put her Halloween costume away. She keeps playing with it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I am sitting here thinking about how I felt a year ago when we brought Nayeli home from the hospital after 23 days of being in the ICN. I was so scared that there wasn't a nurse nearby. I also thought I was dreaming. I didn't think that day would ever come. I was so scared I wasn't going to bring Nayeli home at all. I was afraid of coming home empty handed. My fears are realities for other CDH famiies. I am having a hard time knowing that other CDH families don't get to bring their babies home. I think of those babies and families every night. As I kiss Nayeli every night we say a prayer for all of them. It's great to see her do things everyday and then it also hurts that the babies that have lost their battle to CDH won't have their mommy's and daddy's kissing them goodnight. I feel lucky, and then also guilty. I know I shouldn't feel guilty but it's hard not to. I had a very hard time sorting my feelings over this but Shane convinced me to write them. I am probably not making much sense but I guess it's more for me to write it out.

We thank God for Nayeli everyday. Nayeli is such a blessing she is a miracle!
Reflecting back on how we felt when we brought Nayeli home a year ago has me thinking back on how I felt. It was emotional and I will never forget.

Psalm 121:1-2 I lift up my eyes to the hills where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

There is no place like home November 15, 2008Visiting Dr. Maier and his staff at OB/Gyn a year ago during Nayeli's first Pediatrician checkupA year later visiting Dr. Maier and his staff.

Friday, November 13, 2009

RSV Stew

We introduced table food to Nayeli this week. I made beef stew and she loved it! While she was eating it I asked her if it was hot. She started to do the baby sign for hot and she was blowing. We also gave her Mac N Cheese later in the week. She gobbled it right up. She started to do the baby sign for all done. If we ignore it and continue to feed her she will then start to throw her food on the floor.

When I was putting Nayeli to sleep the other night, I started saying, "Shhh it's time for Mimi's." She started to say Shhhh back to me. I started to giggle so she started to laugh too. It was hard to keep a straight face at that point. She likes to copy everything I say. I will say lets put your shoes on. She will in return say "shoe." I asked her if she wanted to have cheese for lunch the other day. She said "cheese." She is soaking everything in like a sponge.

All done! Showing off her teeth Don't think about touching my Mac N Cheese
We took her to get her first set of RSV shots today. Nayeli has come to know her nurse Ann very well. I guess it's because we just saw her two weeks ago for her One year shots. As soon as Ann entered the room Nayeli began to cry. We told Ann we were concerened about one of Nayeli's teeth. She went and got Dr. Hahn. Dr. Hahn said it could be a concern but not to worry about it right now and we should see a dentist to make sure there is nothing to be concerned about. They weighed Nayeli today and she gained 2oz from two weeks ago. She weighs 19lbs 8oz.
I was hoping Ann wouldn't miss. That needle was way to close to meNayeli pointing at BOYS pictures on the wall.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Angel Lewis Anthony Moore

I just read the sad news. Lewis Anthony Moore passed away. He fought so hard and lost his battle with CDH. Please keep his parents and family in your prayers.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

MILK to go please!

If Nayeli wants something she will point at it for us to get for her. Or she will point at it to just because it grabs her attention. She has become independent while she is playing sometimes she ignores me. When she wants me to participate she lets me know. Her new fascniation is putting things in and out of containers and getting stuff out of cabinets and drawers. Now if I can only teach her to put it back. I can watch for a while when she takes a tupperware container and puts one of her small toys in and out for a while. It's fun to watch her do this because she is learning. If I close the container with her toy in it and she can't get it open, she gets upset and throws it to the side and yells. I bring the toy back and try to teach her to open it with me. She gets so excited and grabs the toy to try to do it herself.

I have always played the game, "where is the ball, book and teddy," with Nayeli. She didn't respond until earlier this week. I asked Nayeli, "where is your ball?" She grabbed it and showed it to me. I praised her. Then, I asked her, "where is your book?" She grabbed it and I praised her. I then asked her, "where is your teddy?" She grabbed her teddy and hugged it, and I praised her again. I tried this game again later and she didn't respond. I will try to get it on video when she does it again. We were on a role and I didn't have time to get it on video.

My belly button makes Nayeli giggle. Everytime she lifts my shirt up and touches my belly button I make a funny sound. She laughs and it's so funny. She is trying to do it to Shane and he does the funny sounds too.

Earlier this week Nayeli got up in a standing postion by holding her high chair. She was so happy she did it. She held on to the top of the high chair and then, out of nowhere, she freaked out. She didn't want to let go. I helped her let go and she was so happy to be crawling afer that. Nayeli loves doggie toys! We are planning on getting Nayeli her own lounge chair. She loves to sit on her bombo chair. Last night at dinner Nayeli wanted more crackers. She was getting frustrated that she didn't have anymore on her tray. I asked her in baby sign language if she wanted more crackers. She responded by doing the baby sign for more. I praised her and I gave her more crackers and she was so happy. She was clapping and doing the baby sign for more at the same time. As soon as her tray was empty again she did the baby sign for more. What a smart girl! I truly believe in the baby sign language. I hope it helps when she gets frustrated and she is trying to tell me something. Lately, she has developed a fascination in her nostrils. Daddy asks her to stop and warns her about the nail biting snail inside of her nose. She smiles, and immediately puts her finger back into her nose. She also likes to put her fingers in her ears. We are starting to realize how hard it is to correct bad habits. At this point, we know it is just a new discovery and we hope she grows out of it. We can just see her out at a restaurant knuckle deep in her nostrils! That will be a real crowd pleaser!

We seriously need a toy bin!Nayeli and her buddies! She is so gentle with Molly. We were out doing errands today. Nayeli started to get fussy because it was close to lunch. I didn't have her food with me and we were 5 minutes away from home. I decided to BF while she was in the car seat. I leaned over and guess what? She BF from me while we were driving. It was a funny sight to see. I was leaned over in a weird position while she is eating. I am glad Shane didn't have a video camera or the digital camera because he wanted to capture the moment so badly. I am sure we got some stares from passerbys.

Sunday, November 1, 2009