Friday, November 13, 2009

RSV Stew

We introduced table food to Nayeli this week. I made beef stew and she loved it! While she was eating it I asked her if it was hot. She started to do the baby sign for hot and she was blowing. We also gave her Mac N Cheese later in the week. She gobbled it right up. She started to do the baby sign for all done. If we ignore it and continue to feed her she will then start to throw her food on the floor.

When I was putting Nayeli to sleep the other night, I started saying, "Shhh it's time for Mimi's." She started to say Shhhh back to me. I started to giggle so she started to laugh too. It was hard to keep a straight face at that point. She likes to copy everything I say. I will say lets put your shoes on. She will in return say "shoe." I asked her if she wanted to have cheese for lunch the other day. She said "cheese." She is soaking everything in like a sponge.

All done! Showing off her teeth Don't think about touching my Mac N Cheese
We took her to get her first set of RSV shots today. Nayeli has come to know her nurse Ann very well. I guess it's because we just saw her two weeks ago for her One year shots. As soon as Ann entered the room Nayeli began to cry. We told Ann we were concerened about one of Nayeli's teeth. She went and got Dr. Hahn. Dr. Hahn said it could be a concern but not to worry about it right now and we should see a dentist to make sure there is nothing to be concerned about. They weighed Nayeli today and she gained 2oz from two weeks ago. She weighs 19lbs 8oz.
I was hoping Ann wouldn't miss. That needle was way to close to meNayeli pointing at BOYS pictures on the wall.


Kate said...

she is so cute! the picture of her with the mac and cheese and your comment of don't touch- was ADORABLE! The crying pic of her laying down, awwwwwww makes you want to snuggle! :( Stupid shots! ha..

She is just too cute!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Bless her heart!! those RSV shots are hard because they are so frequent but well worth it :) Love the pics of her guarding her mac & chees!

Alex, Ingrid and Alina Houchin said...

She is adorable! Poor little one, those shots are aweful. It's so hard to watch them cry. Love her pictures...looks like she's really enjoying her food.