Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's been a while

I started this in December 2012 and we are now in February 2013. So much to write I don't know where to begin. I have tried to update the blog several times. I always get one sentence done and then I got interupted by one of the three waking up from naps or waking up at night. I gave up! I finally wanted to start updating and then the BLOG website decides to change it's format and I can't figure out how to update video or pictures. I am just glad I was able to put this video on. So here is the longest update ever. Get your cup of coffee ready or glass of wine and get comfortable because it's a long one.

I stopped pumping in October 2012. I can't believe I actually was BF the twins exclusively until they started solids. After they started solids they still had 5 bottles of BM a day. That required for me to pump every two hours so I wouldn't have to supplement. I had help that would come a 4 hours a day in the evening to help me with washing bottles, dinner, bathing and putting them to bed. Once I stopped pumping I didn't need help anymore. Which was great!

I resigned from my job as Animal Control Officer July 2011. I was very sad making the decision but I don't regret it. The last two years have gone so fast and all three of our children have changed so much. I got to see the twins firsts: rolling over, crawling, walking, first word, talking, figting and more! I am so grateful that I was able to become a SAHM. With that sacrifice came alot of more sacrifices. Shane had to work more OT and it was hard to keep up with bills. We were forced to foreclose on our house that we lived in after 7 years. It was auctioned off the court steps. We tried to work something out with the bank but they didn't help. We were shocked later to find out that the house sold for a price alot less than what we were trying to work out with the bank. That is why I don't like CHASE. I sometimes wonder why they give away to charities but won't help homeowners keep their homes. It was their fault in the first place to give us a loan like they did and our fault for excepting it. Lesson learned! We found a nice rental house for that we were excited to move into but then as we were moving all of our furniture the house turned out to have mold. We were in a rush to try to find something else and did within two days. We had to move out of two places because half of our furniture was still in the rental house. God always has a way in helping us through friends. We had friends help us move in two days. I had tears in my eyes when I saw everyone come and help. I couldn't do much because I was busy with the twins and Nayeli. My parents came to help me pack and that is all I could do. We are settled in our new place and signed a three year lease. We know God always has a plan for us.

I was a member of  a MOMS Club before moving and I was really going to miss all the club had to offer for SAHM. I quickly looked up the new chapter for the place we moved into and found the local chapter. The club was low on members and was close in disbanding. I stepped in became the President. I love it! The first couple of months were hard because I had no idea what I was doing. I recruited 10 new members and have the club back on track. All the members are nice and I see having long lasting friendships with all of them. The club helps and support moms who have chosen to stay at home and raise their children. I am so happy there is a club like this because we all understand and support each other.

I am currently training for the SF marathon in June. I am running the full marthon which is 26.2 miles. I am running with my husband and doing it for Nayeli Faith Foundation. I am up to running 8 miles and I am determined to finish it the full marthon in June. I have 6 hours to complete it so if I have to crawl I will. It will be an emotional run because I am raising fund for families affected by the same birth defect as Nayeli at UCSF. I clearly remember how I felt when the Ronald Mcdonald turned us down in staying at there place because we lived ONE mile too close. We were scheduled to go in within one week from the day they told us this. I was a mess! We were so grateful when God answered our prayers and our friends mother had an empty apartment she was going to allow us to stay in. It was 5 minutes away from the hospital. We were grateful we had a place to shower and lay our heads down for the night. We were by Nayeli's bedside everyday from 7am-11pm. Knowing we are helping other CDH families with food, gas, lodging etc. Is why we started the non profit foundation. That is why on June 16th will be a day I will never forget.  Shane is supportive and told me he will be by my side and run it with me. I know he is a faster runner so for him to be there with me is great. This will be his 5th marathon and 4 marathon raising funds for the NFF.  UCSF has been very grateful with the research donations the NFF has donated and helping CDH families.

I look at Nayeli everyday and when she is having a temper tantrum or pushing my buttons. I just pray and thank GOD for her being able to scream and have those wonderful temper tantrums. We are always grateful for our miracle. She has been sick with a few colds this past winter but has been very good about getting over them. When she does get sick and cough alot she tends to throw up or gag. In October 2012 she had to have a cat scan to check her GI because of her having issues with her hiatel hernia. It turned out to be ok and we just have to keep monitoring her. She also has an unbilical hernia. The Doctors at UCSF are always surprised on how well she is doing. They have mentioned that when the hiatel hernia does become an issue surgery might have to be done. We are hoping it will never come to that.

She has been nicer to her siblings. She finally said she doesn't want them to go back to the hospital. She does tell me she would like to go back inside of me and be baby again. I miss the alone time she and I once had but it also makes me sad I can't give them all the attention they individually need. It's so hard but I pray each day.  I enrolled Nayeli in tranisitional kindergarten and I am sad and happy about it. I just hope I don't change my mind and pull her out like I did preschool. She told me she doesn't want to go to school and wants to stay home with me and the kids and help me. She is sweet! She has become more helpful and always comes up to me and says "hug". I can't remember when she started to say "I love you" the last two years are a blur. I hope I wrote it down on my journal because I love hearing those words. She is taking ballet and enjoys to dance and sing. My mom bought her a wind up porcelain doll that has the song "tommorow" by annie on it. I sang that to her when I was pregnant with her and by her bedside. Amazing how these last four years have gone by.
On Nayeli's birthday we had to say goodbye to our beloved Twinkie. He started to have heart problems in 2011 and needed daily medication for that. It turned out the medication he was taking for his heart made his kidneys start failing and that is what took him from us. He left footprints in my heart. He was always by my side when I was pregnant with Nayeli and he was my boppy pillow when I would breast feed her. He would be there when Shane worked long hours and cuddled and slept with me when I would fall asleep on the couch. If I would sit down he would immediately come and sit next to me. He looked at me and had the most expressive eyes. If I was crying he wouldn't leave my side, if i was upset and mad he would find a way to make me laugh. I swear this dog understood me. I miss him dearly! The kids will always remember him because they see pictures of him all over the house. There will never be another Twinkie.

So this turned out to be a shorter update than I thought.
Enjoy this video of our photo shoot from October 2012. Nayeli turned 4 the day before the shoot and the twins were 19 months.