Thursday, July 22, 2010


There is always something new that Nayeli does everyday. If I don't write it down right away I forget. She is so smart in figuring things out. She will get a container and put the lid on it and seal it tight. I amazed on how easily she is pleased. She loves water and will go outside and ask for water from the hose so she can put her hands and face over it. She can sit there for a while playing. She is using more words to communicate to us on what she wants. When she is fussy she forgets to use her words and just cries or yells. So I usually know what she wants. Either a drink or a snack. She also loves to be picked up. Shane said that one day a few weeks back he had to put the carrier on so he can do work around the house while I was at work. She loves to grab your hand and have you follow her where she wants you to go. She will say sit if she wants you to sit. If you don't she gets upset. She is getting a little bossy but all she really wants is for someone to play with her. How can we say no to her?

Last week she started to say Amen during dinner prayer and lunch. She held her hands almost through the entire prayer. She says mommy here when she is giving me something. If she really doesn't want it she will say here until I take it away. She will let me know to stop something she doesn't like by telling my "Stop it". She started to say ABC and will keep singing it over and over again. She said Hi How are you? to herself while she was looking at herself in the mirror last week. Her favorite toy is her Dolly. She puts her Dolly in her little stroller and will put a blanket on her and say cold. Every night before going to bed she has to give Daddy, me, Twinkie and Molly a hug and a kiss. She never fusses when it's to go to bed. We have a routine and she likes it.

We have her enrolled in Gymnastics, Swimming, Basketball and Kindermusik. I hope we are able to keep taking her to one or two classes during the winter months. She loves all of her classes. I think my favorite is Kindermusik. They disenfect everything plus the teacher is so creative. She sat on the teachers lap for the first time last week. I was shocked. I am so happy she is being more sociable. The classes have helped.

My parents came for a visit last weekend. We went to Monterey and Carmel. We had so much fun walking around and smelling the ocean air. The annual Dachshund gathering was held on Sunday. Over 175 dachshunds were there. Nayeli loved having all of them approach her. She had a few of her chips taken away by them. She didn't mind.

Shane's mother arrived yesterday and is visiting for a week and half. Nayeli and Grandma Dar are having a great time with each other.

Tonight was a very special night. Nayeli said I love you to me as I was putting her to bed. I had a few tears as I walked away. Not a day goes by that we don't thank God. She is 21 months today and it's amazing on how in 3 months she will be 2 years old. There is no slowing down.

Friday, July 2, 2010


On June 22nd we flew to Colorado for five days to visit our family and friends. We thought of driving and then decided to fly. As soon as we got on the plane we disenfected our seats and window. Nayeli did great on the flight there. We bought a car seat for her since the two that we have were too big to go on the plane seat. We had the carseat out for two weeks in the family room so she would get used to it. She loved sitting on it while watching her favorite TV shows. She was great on the flight there.

As soon as we arrived Nayeli took a nap. She slept for over 2 hours. Shane's mom and step dad Jim flew in from Buffalo to visit us. They stayed at Great Grandma Gerry's house while we stayed with our friends. We stayed in their basement which looks like an apartment. We loved it! Nayeli loved that there was toys for her to play with. She would wake up and go straight to the doll house. She was so happy to have other kids to play with. Everyone got to meet Nayeli for the first time it was so exciting. She immediately bonded with Grandpa Jim. We also noticed that she was very comfortable in going up to everyone and receiving hugs and kisses. When it was time to go to bed she would give everyone a hug goodnight. It was so cute. One night when we were all praying before dinner. She held her hands in front of her too. Not as good coming back she was tired from waking up at 6am. so we could make it to the airport on time for our flight.

We met two other CDH families while we were there. We met Ella's family and decided to go to the zoo. It was great meeting them. We have been following each other's blog. It was nice to connect and talk about our CDH experiences.

We met John's family at the park. They flew in to visit family and friends from Alaska. We were so happy to finally meet. We have been talking to each other while we were still pregnant. Our little one's played and laughed. It was a little emotional too. I thought of the babies that were born with CDH and didn't survive. I pray for those familes and think of them often.

We had a great time visiting our family and friends and having BBQ's. We wish we all lived closer. Here is a video of our trip.