Friday, July 2, 2010


On June 22nd we flew to Colorado for five days to visit our family and friends. We thought of driving and then decided to fly. As soon as we got on the plane we disenfected our seats and window. Nayeli did great on the flight there. We bought a car seat for her since the two that we have were too big to go on the plane seat. We had the carseat out for two weeks in the family room so she would get used to it. She loved sitting on it while watching her favorite TV shows. She was great on the flight there.

As soon as we arrived Nayeli took a nap. She slept for over 2 hours. Shane's mom and step dad Jim flew in from Buffalo to visit us. They stayed at Great Grandma Gerry's house while we stayed with our friends. We stayed in their basement which looks like an apartment. We loved it! Nayeli loved that there was toys for her to play with. She would wake up and go straight to the doll house. She was so happy to have other kids to play with. Everyone got to meet Nayeli for the first time it was so exciting. She immediately bonded with Grandpa Jim. We also noticed that she was very comfortable in going up to everyone and receiving hugs and kisses. When it was time to go to bed she would give everyone a hug goodnight. It was so cute. One night when we were all praying before dinner. She held her hands in front of her too. Not as good coming back she was tired from waking up at 6am. so we could make it to the airport on time for our flight.

We met two other CDH families while we were there. We met Ella's family and decided to go to the zoo. It was great meeting them. We have been following each other's blog. It was nice to connect and talk about our CDH experiences.

We met John's family at the park. They flew in to visit family and friends from Alaska. We were so happy to finally meet. We have been talking to each other while we were still pregnant. Our little one's played and laughed. It was a little emotional too. I thought of the babies that were born with CDH and didn't survive. I pray for those familes and think of them often.

We had a great time visiting our family and friends and having BBQ's. We wish we all lived closer. Here is a video of our trip.


Stephanie said...

Love the video! The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of the peacock was how fortunate and wonderful it is that Nayeli is alive to see the beautiful colors. I think about that all the time with Kamryn and the beautiful things or even the funny things she sees. I just am so thankful, as I know you are. Looks like y'all had a blast. If y'all are ever in Dallas, give us a holler.


Kate said...

I'm glad the trip was fun! :) Love the video!! :) I hope all is well and you are enjoying the summer!

Megan Larson said...

Finally just got on your site to visit Ms. Nayeli! I'm so happy to see such a great video. You captured such wonderful shots and moments. We loved meeting you guys and wish it could have been for longer. Nayeli is so precious.
I think about those others that didn't make it and am sad all over again for them and their families. I know they will see their angels again soon but I still think about such a great, huge loss and how it would be and I just can't really fathom it.
I know our little ones are here for a reason, that there is more work for them and for us to do, so that keeps me focused. And I will do my best to help those newly diagnosed, those I can help, just as you guys do.
I'm so happy to hear of how the Nayeli Faith Foundation is doing so much good for CDH families. You are amazing to be able to do so much and follow so many families and connect with so many others.
Thank you for being our friends and for helping so many other families like ours.
-The Larsons