Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bye-Bye Old Shoes

We have been busy bee's. We realized we haven't had time to update the blog. Last week Nayeli met Marley her new friend for a stoller walk. We enjoyed our walk with Marley and her mommy Casey. We are so glad we met them and can't wait to have them play together.

On some nights before getting Nayeli for bed we put on Barney or her Baby signs DVD. She has been doing the funniest thing when Barney says bye bye. She will hold her hands over her mouth and start to cry and then she will wave bye bye. I video taped it and took pictures. In the video she had my cell phone she loves my pink phone. We laugh each time she does it. When I was going somewhere the other day and I was saying bye bye she started to cry. I had to run back and give her a hug until she was distracted.

We have been freaking out about Nayeli climbing up by the window. She is so fast! She will stand by the window and try to say outside. She doesn't say anything when it rains which is a good thing. We went shoe shopping for her last weekend. The store we went to is really nice. They measured her foot and told us which kind of shoe would be good for her. After narrowing it down to two pairs. We decided to let Nayeli pick out her shoes. The first pair she tried on she didn't do much. The second pair she started to tap dance and was giggly. She left the store holding my hand and walked right out. We forgot our camera and video camera. Luckily Shane captured the moment on his cell camera.Our shoes!Her new words our apple, cheese, my and oh oh. Anytime she drops something she will say oh oh. She will grab something that she wants and says my. When she hears the house phone or our cell phones she will put her hand by her ear like a telephone. She learned that all by herself. She loves to dance while she is sitting down anytime she hears music. Tonight she did the cutest thing. She was looking at the picture of the baby boy on the yogurt container. I said give the boy a kiss. She grabbed the container and gave the boy a kiss. I asked her to do the same for Dora on her cup and she screamed and and didn't want to do it. Later in the evening Twinkie was sitting next to her and she was petting him and gave him a kiss on his back. They have become buddies. Twinkie will grab his toy and start playing tug of war with Nayeli. Nayeli will gigle and take the toy from him. I will try to get it on video to post it on here. I was able to get a picture of her standing for a second.

Molly has been on crate rest since January 29th. She has been to the Neuro surgeon for a CAT SCAN and follow up appts. He said her bulging disc is mild and is better off healing without surgery. She is supposed to be on crate rest for another 5 weeks. She goes in for her next check up this week. We are hoping there has been an improvement. The next step would be an MRI and surgery if it doesn't improve. She had a ruptured disc on her back two years ago and healed very well. We are praying she is strong and can heal without surgery. BTW, Max is doing well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PEG tooth

We took Nayeli to the dentist last Saturday morning. We were concerned about her bottom tooth. Her pediatrician suggested we meet with a dentist. I had an appt on Saturday morning so we took her in for our friend to see her at the same time. After examining her bottom tooth. He said it's called a PEG tooth. He said sometimes it grows like that. He said when she gets her adult teeth it shouldn't happen again. So for now she will have a PEG tooth. It's exactly what it looks like.

My parents came to visit and stayed through Tuesday. Shane and I were so excited about having a date night on Saturday night. We were planning a dinner and we had tickets for the Elton John/Billy Joel concert. We left to go to dinner kind of late. When we got to the restaurant they told us we would have to wait an hour and a half. We decided to go to a take out place and we ate our dinner in the car and on the way to the concert. We didn't mind we were just happy to be spending time together. The concert was so much fun.

We took Nayeli to the petting farm. She really liked the cows, chickens, ducks and rabbits. She didn't care for the goats. Everytime she would go near them she would cry. We took her on the steam train. My mom brought her dog Ducey along too. Ducey enjoyed the train ride. Nayeli laughed and giggled through out the train ride.

My parents have been taking Nayeli out for walks and are having her practice walking with them by holding her arms or hands. While we were waiting for the train I walked with Nayeli and was only holding her with one of her hands. This is the first time she has done this with me. We were both excited! The weather has been getting really nice. So going outside with Nayeli has been great. Everytime my dad would take her out for a walk it was a struggle to have her come back inside the house. She would say side for outside.

Friday, February 12, 2010

15 month check up

Last Sunday we decided to get out of the house and go to our friend's super bowl party. We were a little nervous since there was going to be other families with babies there but we thought this would be a good thing for all of us. We are glad we did. Nayeli had a great time and so did we.
She loves going up and down the stairs. I get a good work out going up and down the stairs with her. Nayeli has been having more meltdowns lately. I am hoping it's just from teething and it will pass. She is so cute when she is mad. She will lay on her stomach and kick her feet.
She had her 15 month check up today. We were so relieved when we saw the scale. She weighs 20 lbs. 15oz. She is at the 25%. She is 31 inches long and at 50#. It was so funny to see her say bye bye to her nurse before she got her RSV shot. When she saw her nurse leave she was so happy. Then she saw her come back. That is when she began to cry. She gets two RSV shots now because of her weight. I called UCSF and told them her weight. They are very happy and told us to keep up the good work in feeding her the high calorie diet. We are so happy to announce that the Nayeli Faith Foundation website is LIVE. Here is the link Or go to the right handside under CDH info and Links and you can access it from there. Let us know what you think. We are working on the LOGO. We are still waiting to hear about the non profit status.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just some pics

We took some pictures of Nayeli with 12 month size dresses that she never got the chance to wear. Before she outgrows them I wanted to take pictures of her in them.
Claire's mom Cindy made these shirts. 50% of the proceeds went to the Parker Reese Foundation. We have a hard time setting the camera for all of us to be in it. We must have taken over 10 but only three came out with Shane's head.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stair Master

Everyday Nayeli takes out the photo albums and looks at them. She especially likes the pictures of Twinkie, Molly and Max. She will sit on the sofa and look at them over and over again. You will notice a pillow between the wall and the lamp. She scares us when she us on the sofa because she leans that direction. We are trying to prevent her from falling and having a goose egg on her forehead.

We have been praying that Nayeli has been gaining weight. She has good days and then bad days when she doesn't want to eat. I was on the phone with UCSF and they told me that when she goes in for her RSV shot next week they need to know her weight to determine what we are going to do for her to gain weight.

Over the last three weeks we have weaned Nayeli off of her 11am Reglan dose. She is now taking twice a day along with Ritidine. After finding out from another CDH mom what Reglan does after long use we decided to try to see if we can wean her off of it. We called UCSF before doing this. So far she has only vomited twice. Our goal is to wean her off of it entirely. She is still taking Ritidine twice a day.

My mom told me that on Wednesday Nayeli grabbed her diaper bag and said bye bye car. My mom said ok let's go bye bye. Nayeli was so happy going for a ride in her little car.
This past weeek Nana Victoria has been teaching Nayeli to go down the stairs. She is so cute when she puts her head against the stair and puts her foot on the stair to feel for the next step behind her.
We can't keep her away from the stairs. She loves the work out!
Molly is on crate rest for the next four weeks for her bulging disc on her neck. Twinkie and Max relaxing after sleeping all day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cows and Bulls Oh my!

On Saturday we decided to take a nice walk on this trail we have never been on near our house. It rained the night before and it had been for two weeks off and on. We were not prepared in wearing the right shoes. Part of the trail was not dry so we had to walk through some mud. We met some nice cows along the way. There was a bull in the crowd. The signs said the cows are friendly and just walk right past them. They ignored us and we ignored them. I was a little concerned that there was a calf breast feeding off his Mama. Shane and I were prepared to run if we had to. Shane said run sideways if we get chased. I knew as long as I made us look like a wall they wouldn't come near us. They left us alone and walked away. Here are pictures and video of our adventure. Nayeli loved seeing the birds, cows and trees. It was a beautiful day!
The tiny black spots are the cows grazing.This video is funny because I corrected myself by saying shoot instead of sh*t.