Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stair Master

Everyday Nayeli takes out the photo albums and looks at them. She especially likes the pictures of Twinkie, Molly and Max. She will sit on the sofa and look at them over and over again. You will notice a pillow between the wall and the lamp. She scares us when she us on the sofa because she leans that direction. We are trying to prevent her from falling and having a goose egg on her forehead.

We have been praying that Nayeli has been gaining weight. She has good days and then bad days when she doesn't want to eat. I was on the phone with UCSF and they told me that when she goes in for her RSV shot next week they need to know her weight to determine what we are going to do for her to gain weight.

Over the last three weeks we have weaned Nayeli off of her 11am Reglan dose. She is now taking twice a day along with Ritidine. After finding out from another CDH mom what Reglan does after long use we decided to try to see if we can wean her off of it. We called UCSF before doing this. So far she has only vomited twice. Our goal is to wean her off of it entirely. She is still taking Ritidine twice a day.

My mom told me that on Wednesday Nayeli grabbed her diaper bag and said bye bye car. My mom said ok let's go bye bye. Nayeli was so happy going for a ride in her little car.
This past weeek Nana Victoria has been teaching Nayeli to go down the stairs. She is so cute when she puts her head against the stair and puts her foot on the stair to feel for the next step behind her.
We can't keep her away from the stairs. She loves the work out!
Molly is on crate rest for the next four weeks for her bulging disc on her neck. Twinkie and Max relaxing after sleeping all day.

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Jen said...

So cute! Sofie is obsessed with the stairs too. We can't keep her away from them if she see the gate open. She is a FAST stair climber!