Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cows and Bulls Oh my!

On Saturday we decided to take a nice walk on this trail we have never been on near our house. It rained the night before and it had been for two weeks off and on. We were not prepared in wearing the right shoes. Part of the trail was not dry so we had to walk through some mud. We met some nice cows along the way. There was a bull in the crowd. The signs said the cows are friendly and just walk right past them. They ignored us and we ignored them. I was a little concerned that there was a calf breast feeding off his Mama. Shane and I were prepared to run if we had to. Shane said run sideways if we get chased. I knew as long as I made us look like a wall they wouldn't come near us. They left us alone and walked away. Here are pictures and video of our adventure. Nayeli loved seeing the birds, cows and trees. It was a beautiful day!
The tiny black spots are the cows grazing.This video is funny because I corrected myself by saying shoot instead of sh*t.


Timothy and Jenny said...

That is behind your house so beautiful. Nayeli is getting so big and so beautiful, it is amazing how fast they grow up. So glad that she is staying well during this sick season. Did she mooo to the cows :o)

Kate said...

I'm so jealous that you can do that in February!! Kayla is LUCKY to get outside once a month!! I'm very nervous about the very cold weather and her not breathing...it's hard sometimes for me to breathe when it's this cold! ahhh!! So I'm so glad Nayeli can get out in the fresh air!! Must be so nice for all of you to get out of the house and walk around- and that is behind your house?! Beautiful! :)