Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bye-Bye Old Shoes

We have been busy bee's. We realized we haven't had time to update the blog. Last week Nayeli met Marley her new friend for a stoller walk. We enjoyed our walk with Marley and her mommy Casey. We are so glad we met them and can't wait to have them play together.

On some nights before getting Nayeli for bed we put on Barney or her Baby signs DVD. She has been doing the funniest thing when Barney says bye bye. She will hold her hands over her mouth and start to cry and then she will wave bye bye. I video taped it and took pictures. In the video she had my cell phone she loves my pink phone. We laugh each time she does it. When I was going somewhere the other day and I was saying bye bye she started to cry. I had to run back and give her a hug until she was distracted.

We have been freaking out about Nayeli climbing up by the window. She is so fast! She will stand by the window and try to say outside. She doesn't say anything when it rains which is a good thing. We went shoe shopping for her last weekend. The store we went to is really nice. They measured her foot and told us which kind of shoe would be good for her. After narrowing it down to two pairs. We decided to let Nayeli pick out her shoes. The first pair she tried on she didn't do much. The second pair she started to tap dance and was giggly. She left the store holding my hand and walked right out. We forgot our camera and video camera. Luckily Shane captured the moment on his cell camera.Our shoes!Her new words our apple, cheese, my and oh oh. Anytime she drops something she will say oh oh. She will grab something that she wants and says my. When she hears the house phone or our cell phones she will put her hand by her ear like a telephone. She learned that all by herself. She loves to dance while she is sitting down anytime she hears music. Tonight she did the cutest thing. She was looking at the picture of the baby boy on the yogurt container. I said give the boy a kiss. She grabbed the container and gave the boy a kiss. I asked her to do the same for Dora on her cup and she screamed and and didn't want to do it. Later in the evening Twinkie was sitting next to her and she was petting him and gave him a kiss on his back. They have become buddies. Twinkie will grab his toy and start playing tug of war with Nayeli. Nayeli will gigle and take the toy from him. I will try to get it on video to post it on here. I was able to get a picture of her standing for a second.

Molly has been on crate rest since January 29th. She has been to the Neuro surgeon for a CAT SCAN and follow up appts. He said her bulging disc is mild and is better off healing without surgery. She is supposed to be on crate rest for another 5 weeks. She goes in for her next check up this week. We are hoping there has been an improvement. The next step would be an MRI and surgery if it doesn't improve. She had a ruptured disc on her back two years ago and healed very well. We are praying she is strong and can heal without surgery. BTW, Max is doing well.


Kate said...

OMG! the video of her watching Barney saying bye bye- SOOOO CUTE!! And I love that she has a cell phone with her too! (K has her own to play with, but never does, always wants mine!)

So glad Max is doing well! :)

Jen said...

How sweet! Sofie does the same thing with the yobaby containers. She HAS to have it turned so she can see the baby or she yells BABY! BABY! BABY! until we turn it around. haha!

Aep said...

so cute!!! Love all the pics and videos and yeah for new shoes!! BTW, we have that same stroller (in blue) :) and Marco does the same thing with his hand trying to get our hands :) She is growing up so fast, love it!!

Irvin family said...

Nayeli, is a beautiful as always. She continues to give us such inspiration. She gave us so much hope when Oakley was diagnoised with CDH. What an Beautiful smile she has!!

Alex, Ingrid and Alina Houchin said...

Sorry to hear about Molly. Hope she gets better soon.
Nayeli is soo cute. I love the way she was tap dancing in the picture. Funny how similar Nayeli and Alina are, Alina also loves to dance and says oh no everytime she falls down or drops anything. We'd love to meet you and your beautiful daughter in person- she's growing up soo fast! :)
Hugs from the UK.