Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fever and Red Dots

Nayeli woke up with a fever Friday morning. I called her nurse and she told me to give her Tylenol. She told me not to worry since there were no other symptoms and her fever was very low. She said if it gets higher than 101 to bring her in to be seen. On Saturday morning she woke up with a fever of 101.5. We made an appt to bring her in. The Doctor examined her and told us she is probably just teething. Her ears looked great, her throat was fine and her breathing was fine. We took her home and gave her more tylenol.

Monday morning she woke up and the fever was gone. Now she had red dots all over her back and chest. Her nurse told me on Friday that she could have this virus. She described exactly how it happened. Fever for three days then red dots for 2-3 days. During the entire weekend while she had her fever she was a little moody but seemed to be fighting it very well. This is the first time she has been sick since we have brought her home. We are very proud of ourselves. We also know that she can fight off a virus. She was drinking 4 oz of diluted juice with water a day plus 4 oz of whole milk plus I was breastfeeding. I felt a little dehydrated on Saturday. I think it was from her breastfeeding every two hours. I didn't think I was producing much milk. I think it helped her get better.

This is one huge milestone for us. We were wondering how long it would be until she got sick. I think I jinxed it because I kept asking myself that.

Feeling better!
Her new favorite game is hide n seek. She loves when we hide Mr. Teddy. She also likes to look for Twinkie under the covers. Today she took 5 steps. It's the most steps she has taken by herself. I think I scared her when I screamed saying YAY!

This morning as I walking down my stairs I fell down. I am glad we have carpet on the stairs. I am really sore. Shane has been wonderful. Nayeli still wants me to hold her so how can I say no. I tolerate the pain to hold her. It's worth it!

We are so happy that we found a babysitter for date nights. She is our friends daughter. Nayeli really likes her. She cried when she was leaving. We are so excited about having someone we can trust watch her.


Timothy and Jenny said...

So glad that she is ok. I hate when their sick. So glad it wasn't something serious either. What a big girl Nayeli is walking and playing hide and seek so much fun!!

Irvin family said...

Glad to hear that Nayeli is feeling much better. It is also wonderful that this is the first time she has been sick! We have stuggled with ear infections this winter.

Nayeli will be walking soon. Oakley is also just taking a few steps she tots around holding on with one hand very well but hasn't gotten brave enough to let go yet.
Even sick Nayeli is still as Beautiful as always!!

Sheree (Oakley's mom)

Jen said...

So glad Nayeli's on the mend! Can't wait to see her running around. It won't be long now! So glad you didn't get seriously injured when you fell! Hope you feel better very soon!

Aep said...

Glad she is feeling better!!! The first illness is the worst, very nerve wrecking...but as they get older they get stronger. Good job mom and dad! :)
Love the new pics and yay for good babysitter...enjoy! :)

Megan Larson said...

Hi guys! I'm sorry to hear that Nayeli was sick but I'm glad she's feeling better. You've done a great job to keep her well this long! All that nursing is really helping. When I first read the post I was worried that it was Chicken Pox! John got the vaccine for that so he'll never have to endure that torture--I had it twice when I was little, a mild case followed by a really bad one that lasted over two weeks. I'm so glad Nayeli got over whatever this was really quickly!
She's still just so beautiful and amazing.
Liz, I hope you feel better soon! Falling is awful. I'm glad you didn't break anything. I'm on Spring Break this week so I'll be around for phone calls! We'll be in touch!

Kate said...

I am so sorry she was sick but happy she is feeling better! How were you during her sickness? Were you ok?

Happy birthday too! :)