Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking in LA

We decided to get out of the house and head down to So Cal for some sunshine. We left Wednesday and stayed through Sunday for my Birthday. The car ride seemed shorter than last summer. We didn't stop as much. Nayeli did not like being in the car seat and she was not a happy baby. We got out to stretch our legs twice and she hated going back in the car. She was so happy once we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Two cute ducks were in front of my parents house and didn't leave until the day before we left. We had a fun time hanging out watching them. My dad was in Mexico for a week visiting his family. His older brother is not doing well and is on dialysis three times a day. We are praying for him and his family. The day we left it was raining. As soon as we got to LA it was sunny and warm. That night it rained. The next two days were nice and then it rained all day Saturday. Shane told me to plan out whatever I wanted since it was my Birthday week. So I did! I saw old high school friends and it was fun catching up with them.

On Thursday March 5th Nayeli took her first 5 steps unassisted. We have it on video. It was the most emotional milestone. I had a few tears. Our baby is growing up! She started to walk around my parents house as long as she was holding one of our hands. The next day we went to the zoo and had so much fun. Earlier in the morning when we were checking the LA zoo website and there was a picture of a Gorilla on there, Nayeli said "Daddy". It was the funniest thing. Nayeli walked holding our hands and enjoyed the zoo. When she saw a turtle at the zoo she did the baby sign and said it for the first time. She knew exactly what it was. She also learned to say goat when she saw one at the zoo. I showed her a picture of a goat at home and she remembered what it was and said goat.

It seemed like Nayeli was waking up earlier each day while we were in LA. It first started at 730am then 7am then 630am. She slept in our room and slept through the night except for one night because of a wet diaper. We are so glad we took the drive to So Cal, it was a nice trip. The best memory is of Nayeli taking her first steps all by herself.

We have weaned Nayeli off of her morning dosage of Reglan. She is doing very well. We hope to have the last dosage weaned off by the end of the month. She went for her RSV #5 yesterday. They told us this might be the last one for the season. They also said this might be the last year she gets it. When they weighed her today I was shocked to see the scale read 22 lbs 22oz. Just a month ago we were struggling with her weight. I was so happy to see that. When I spoke with UCSF they were happy to hear that and said thats a good sign which means the hiatel hernia is not bothering her. We are still praying that she won't need surgery.

Her new words are:
Parky for my moms dog Sparky
New baby sign:
Spanish words are
anga she is trying to say naranga(orange)

Pictures of Nayeli at her RSV appt. I think I was scared that the nurses might miss and give me the shot. Poor Nayeli had to get one on each leg. She loves to wake up Daddy! Yesterday she took more than 5 steps all by herself. Here is a video

She always sits in front of the TV at 7pm and waits for her Barney video to come on. If she is playing or doing something she will stop and crawl to the couch, sit and point to the TV. Her hair is getting long, so I put her hair in pigtails and she looks so darn cute. She sometimes pulls them out so leaving them in is a challenge. Nayeli loves to watch her Barney video. Lately she has been getting up and dancing to the music. Here is a video of her dancing.


Jen said...
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Kate said...

loved watching her walk!! I'm sure you do too!! She is just so adorable!! I'm glad you had a good time on vacation!! :) I can't wait for ours!

Alex, Ingrid and Alina Houchin said...

Way to go Nayeli! Someone is a big girl now :).

Megan Larson said...

Aww, look at her walking! Such a big girl, and so beautiful. The zoo/walking montage was so cool! That gorilla is HUGE. My goodness. And she called him "Daddy!" that's so funny!

It was so good to talk to you and share our good fortunes with our miracle babies. I look forward to meeting you guys this summer! Such fun times. :)