Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are teaching Nayeli Ah Ah Ah don't touch! Here she is trying to see what we would do. Look a her face too cute!

This past week Nayeli has been pointing alot more and saying "Toot" when she wants something. When I am giving her a bath she will say "toot" and point to every toy she sees and wants me to hand it to her. She will see something on a shelve or her sippy cup and say "toot" and point. Her appetite has decreased we are hoping it's just from teething. She will nibble on something and then point to her sippy cup and say "toot". We now have to hide her sippy cup until she is almost done eating otherwise she will stop eating. This week she started to do the baby sign for more when she wants more of something. We praise her and she starts to clap.

She is still waking up one to two times a night. I have tried to see if she will go back to sleep with just a diaper change and not BF. She actually did twice. We started to give her whole milk on Saturday. She made a funny face and spit it out the first time and has taken 5cc to 15cc since. I was afraid that she would stop BF once she tasted whole milk. I guess I don't have anything to worry about. She is BF less now that she is eating more solids. She will BF three to four times a day and doesn't stay latched on for very long.

I was lucky enough to have the last three Wednesdays off. One Wednesday was a holiday and the other two my volutary time off without pay request was granted. My dad got sick one week and my mom was exposed so we didn't want to chance her giving Nayeli a bug. I love having 4 days off with Nayeli. We have had so much fun! I have taken her out for walks and have picnics. We avoid crowds but I still take her outside where she can see other people from a distance. I am hoping this winter goes by fast.

Still no H1N1 for Nayeli. They ran out and haven't had anymore. We were told that only Nayeli would be able to get the shot. I don't understand why we can't. We are hoping that changes when the shots arrive.

I was in shock last night when Nayeli said the sh*t word. I have been very careful not to say it around her but sometimes it slips. I knew she would learn it right away since she is really good with her SH words like shoe, Shane and Shhhh. She just came out and blurted it out last night. I tried really hard not to laugh and ignored it. From this day forward I will have to be extra careful what I say. She copies everything I say.
Picnic with MommyRiding in her wheels around the blockClimbing on her bouncy chairThe escape artist! She has lots of blankies but she chooses to play with this one. It's is kinda of funny to see her play with this.


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion: when you need to switch her from breastmilk to cow's milk, mix the two and gradually phase out the breast milk. That will prevent "gray hairs" for you from her refusing the cow's milk, and you have no breast milk for her. Of course, that requires you to have a small "stockpile" of frozen breast milk handy. Good luck.
Jean--Sabrina Sach's(lcdh) Gma

Kate said...

she is just too cute! I love the pics!! I love that you have been able to go on picnics with her- where I live, it's too dang cold for a picnic! :)

I worry K will pick up on my bad mouthing- I do it quite often- it slips.. what can you do?! :) lol I can just picture you trying not to laugh tho.. lol!

FaithCDH said...

That little girl cracks me up! I love the pictures. She is so beautiful!

Megan Larson said...

Hi Liz,

I love all the pictures. It's so great to see what Nayeli is up to. Apparently she's swearing like a sailor, haha! Toot and Sh**--wow.
John is BF twice a day now: once in the morning and once at night before bed. If he is home all day, I BF him twice in the morning. He likes whole milk very much. We get it from the local dairy so it's super fresh. Yes, there's a dairy up here. No, the milk doesn't come already frozen. :)

We also have John sleeping through the night now. It required me ignoring him at 2 am while he cried for an hour. That was REALLY REALLY hard, but now if he wakes up, he goes back to sleep, from 8pm until 6am. It only took one night of crying for him to understand. Good luck!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth said...

She is so cute! And yes - it is so hard to control your own mouth around them - they are like little sponges and soak everything up!

Toot - eh? Cute!

Sending thoughts and prayers,

Alicia said...

I luv the escape artist pic. She is too cute. Blessings!

Carla's mom/Angel Joseph's grandma

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