Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1 going on 13

We are having a hard time moving Nayeli's bassinet out of our room. We just can't seem to depart wtih it. So it has become her storage area. She also likes to play with it alot. Here is picture of her last year and this year. She is growing up!

Last year! Now! Nayeli receieved her first H1N1 on Tuesday. I kept calling to see when they would have more in. Shane was turned away when he was there with Nayeli and then got a call when he arrived home that they were now giving it to people who only met the following critereia: pregnant, if you have an infant younger than 6 months, healthcare or emergency responders. Thank goodness for being an emergency responder. I called on Wednesday morning to make sure they still had some so I went on Wednesday morning and got it too. So we have all received the flu shot and H1N1. My mom is trying to get the H1N1 but is not able to because she doesn't meet the criteria. We hope they open it up to everyone so she can get it soon. We pray that we all continue to stay healthy this winter. We get so worried and paranoid when we see everyone around us at work sick. We also have to deal with sick people in our line of work.

During dinner on Tuesday night Nayeli was taking a sip from her sippy cup and accidently drank too fast. She started coughing and she then started to pat her back. We do that to her when she is coughing. She is too funny!

Her favorite word lately has been Hi. I love hearing her cute voice. She mumbles alot and I just act like I am having a conversation with her. We noticed her first molar coming in yesterday. She was very moody Wednesday and Thursday night. She hardly ate her dinner both nights. We wonder if her teething bothers her more in the evening because she is ok during the day. We gave her Tylenol both nights to help with the pain. She ate all of her dinner tonight and is back to her happy self.

If two is called terrible twos then one she be called independent. Nayeli is growing very independent lately. She gets moody if we try to help her with something or if we take away something. She sits and cries then throws herself on the floor and kicks her feet up in the air. The other thing she does is she will lay down flat and bury her face in the floor. We try not to laugh but she is quite the entertainer. We try to distract her with whatever we can but she goes back to whatever she wanted and keeps insisting on it. She is very persistent. We love it! She is warming us up for her teen years.

We noticed she likes to put on my shirts and any of my hair scrunchies or anything that is mine. She put on the Parker Reese tshirt all by herself. She figured out how to turn the TV on and off Nayeli loves Nana! She cries when Shane or I carry her away. Little helperRecharging her batteries! Nayeli doing the baby sign for dog

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Kate said...

I love the pictures! And I think it is so cool that she is learning sign language.. I'm going to try to start K with that in the next couple of months.. we'll see how it goes!

For the H1N1- My parents and Jerry's parents both got it, as did Jerry's friend that rides to work with him.. they all said they took care of K and they weren't asked any other questions. But we also got it at a clinic...but there were those restrictions as well.

K's bassinet wasn't really used. I mean she came home when she was 2 months old. I had her sleep in the room with us for about 2 weeks, then she went to the big girl crib. So I guess we don't really have a bond with the bassinet.. :) But Nayeli sure does look cute in it now being as big as she is! haha :)