Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend Get Away!

Shane and I were looking forward in getting away for the weekend. My parents drove up on Thursday the 17th from So Cal. to visit. We went to Aptos on the 18th and stayed at my friend's beach house for the weekend. On Saturday we went to Monterey. Shane and my parents enjoyed wine tasting while I enjoyed being the designated driver. Nayeli was very active that day she wouldn't stop kicking. I enjoyed every minute! My mom was so happy to feel her kick for the first time. On Sunday we went to Carmel for the day for a Dachshund beach party. We took Molly and my mom took Ducey. They both wore their cute dresses and had fun. We had fun watching all sorts of dachshunds walking around. There must have been over 100. Earlieer that morning I cried and I couldn't stop. I was praying that God could hear my prayers for Nayeli. I did try to have a good time on our weekend get away. I just can't stop thinking about what we are going to face in 14 weeks. We appreciate the support that we have received, you are keeping us strong!


Brian and Cassi Reed said...

Hi- Let me introduce myself, my name is Cassi Reed, my baby girl was diagnosed at 19 weeks, and she is due in about 3 weeks, I can so understand the anticipation of waiting, in total we will have had 21 weeks to adjust to this diagnosis. The initial shock was horrible, but after a while it just seems like your "normal" That is what we always say, since it is our first child, we dont know any difference. Hang in there, the closer it gets, the more excited and nervous you will get. We cant wait to meet our little girl as I am sure you cant either!

The Reeds

Sonya said...

I am also believing in positive things for Nayeli! I love that you are doing all the things you love. I think that you need to allow yourself to cry when you feel like it! You still made memories with your parents and your husband with your weekend away!
I love the updates! Thank you for keeping me updated, so that I know the direction and urgency for prayer!
God Bless!

Vicki Jensen said...

Glad to hear you had a nice get away with family. A CDH pregnancy is a really stressful thing so continue to try and do what you can to relax. If you want to have time to cry it out that's also OK. It can be quite overwhelming and the fear of the unknown is in some ways worse then once the baby is born.

I hope the rest of the pregnancy is uneventful and you have many more opportunities to relax.
mom to Jack, LCDH & ECMO

Anonymous said...

I'm going to introduce myself too.. My name is Jessica and I am mom to Parker Reese. We were diagnosed on April 7, 2006 with CDH at 29 weeks gestation. We delivered at 33 weeks (because of my health) on May 7, 2006. She passed away 20 hours later on May 8, 2006. You can read our story at if you'd like.

If you need someone to talk to there are tons of moms who'd be willing to listen.

Your family and Nayeli Faith will be in our thoughts and prayers!


Fer said...

I'm going to introduce myself too. My name is Fer and I am mom to Ana and Juan Pablo. Juanpa was diagnosed with RCDH at 4 months old after a pneumonia. His case is different because he hasn't had any repair surgery yet since his CDH is an eventration, but we see the surgeon every 3 months. My prayers are with you.

Rachel Tan Shi Min said...

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