Sunday, June 22, 2008

"I Love you"

On June 14th, we started the process of deciding on the name for our daughter. It took us until June 22nd, 2008, to decide on a name for our baby girl. Liz had a great idea and said we should each come up with 10 names we liked. After we created our name lists, we took turns reading one name each until we got through all ten names. I don't think either of us really had any names left after the deletion process, so the deliberation continued. After at least a week of this, Liz had come up with a very beautiful, rare, and original name. The name is Nayeli, which means "I love you," in the Zapoteco language. Liz's father is from Oaxaca,Mexico (it is a very beautiful area), so the name was a perfect fit. We also found that in Arabic, it means "Highness and Grace." Some really great meanings and definitely things we thought of our daughter. Today, we named our daughter, Nayeli Faith Nelson!

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FaithCDH said...

What an absolutely beautiful name! I love it and it is such a perfect name for your little girl. Her highness and grace will carry her through this journey. You two amaze me and I am so happy that we have been in touch. We will continue to pray for Nayeli Faith!

Take care,
Amy, Steve and our Angel Faith