Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dr. Visit 31 weeks

On August 27th we went to see Dr. Maier. Dr. Maier did an ultrasound. We love having these done we get to look at our beautiful daughter!

Dr. Maier told us our daughter looks great and everything is going as planned. Nayeli is the size and weight she is supposed to be, and the Dr. said she is swallowing. The only area of concern at this point is the increased amniotic fluid in Liz's tummy. This build up of fluid is normal with CDH babies because even though they swallow, they are not at a normal level of fluid intake. This creates the amniotic fluid build up. The Dr. told us Liz's amniotic fluid level should be around 15 and it is about 35. With this increased fluid, Liz is at risk for pre-term labor. At this point, the good news is all other aspects of Liz's belly are normal and there are no signs that pre-term is a concern now!

With this good news, Dr. Maier told us it was ok to go to Los Angeles to visit family and attend Liz's brother Andre and his wife Gabby's re-vowing ceremony.

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