Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ultrasound Pics from week 6 to 31 1/2 weeks


Terri said...

Wow! Shane you did an amazing job with the video! It brought tears to my eyes. The love you have for your daughter is so evident. Liz, Nayeli looks a lot like you, I think. She is beautiful from week 6 to now! She is very lucky you two are her parents. Stay strong and believe that she will survive. I am praying everyday for your family. She is already so brave and incredibly strong!

~Terri Helmick

Elizabeth said...


Tricia said...

Nayeli is gorgeous. In a few of those pictures, I think she is showing you how feisty she is! That will serve her well! Fight, baby girl, fight! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

PineapplePrincessMama said...

Nayeli is precious and the video is incredible and moving! The straight face-on picture of her is amazing!

Makena's Mama