Tuesday, October 21, 2008

20 Hours and counting

Not too much going on. Liz is finally getting some sleep and I got a few naps in myself. Sleep was awesome. As for our precious baby girl Nayeli, she wants to stay in mommy's comfy belly.

So, the update. Before the pitocin was started, Liz's cervix was dilated at about 2 or 3. After a night of pitocin, the Dr. checked her cervix again and said it was dilated to 5. This was after about 9 hours. Dr's thought this was a a little slow and they hoped it went faster with the introduction of pitocin. So, they upped the pitocin and after several hours, Liz was dilated between 8 and 9, pretty close and we were hoping it would not be much longer. But, for whatever reason, she stopped dilating. So, the Dr's had to do some other tests and said Liz's body must have adjusted to the pitocin and she stopped dilating. So, they lowered the pitocin dosage and let Liz's body recover, then upped it again in an effort to try and get solid contractions going again. To boot, since Liz has been in labor so long, she got a little fever. This has since been dealt with and her fever is gone. The latest measurement, Liz is dilated to 9 and they have upped her pitocin more. Dr's do not anticipate Nayeli joining us today but that could ofcourse change.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support and kind words. Please know that we read this several times a day. If you have called on the phone, I appologize if I have not answered. Please take a look at our blog if I happen to not answer. Thanks for understanding!

More to follow!


Amy Leonard said...

I am also checking your blog several times a day! Love you updates, feel like we're there with you. We are in spirit, of course. Nayeli will come when she is good and ready. Sounds like you are getting excellent care, but I would expect nothing less from UCSF. Looking forward to checking the blog tomorrow morning and hoping to see that you are officially new parents! Get some sleep while you can - you probably won't get a full night's rest for many months down the road. Say hi to Jim & Dar for us! Love, Amy & Jon

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you both all day...we couldn't wait to come see your Blog...again...this is so nice of you to share this special time...you are two very special people...Nayeli is on her way~~~love JIM & DEE

Deanna said...

We have been following the progress and are so excited for all of you!! You're in the "home stretch", hang in there, SOON your BEAUTIFUL Nayeli will be here! We're praying for all of you! Liz you're amazing!! Thank you both for letting us be a part of this journey! Love, Deanna, Joe & the girls