Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Bit O' Good News

The attending DR bumped into us while we were in our normal spot.....our daughter's bedside. The DR told us the tests on fluid drained from Nayeli's chest has been confirmed as post surgery fluid. There was nothing else found in the fluid, which is great news.

Our baby girl has been having some emotional ups and downs lately. On Friday night she cried for 3 hours straight and us, the nurses, and DR's tried everything natural to make her stop. Nothing worked and they had to give her some morphine. This relaxed her pretty fast and she got some very needed recovery sleep.

Yesterday, she had a crying fit and nothing worked. The nurse explained that she did not want to give Nayeli any medication, but our daughter's sleep is very important for her to heal and come home. The nurse decided to give Nayeli a small dose of Adavan. This worked within 15 minutes and Nayeli has slept peacfully for several hours now. We feel so bad for her when she cries because we immediately think it is due to pain and not just "normal baby" cries.

Please pray our baby girl stays relaxed and gets some needed sleep.


Maxton's Parents said...

David and I have been thinking of Nayeli and will continue to pray for her and you two. I am so glad the fluid is just post surgery fluid and hope that it goes away soon. I love the pic where she is holding your finger... too precious. :-)

Tracy Meats said...

Hang in there Liz and Shane, Nayeli is one strong little girl. I hope the CPAP helps with her breathing and allows her to get some sleep. It sounds like she is also doing very well with eating and may she soon be able to breast/bottle feed and see what happens. The news of post surgery fluid is good and this should resolve soon. Many prayers for Nayeli that she continues to heal and get stronger to be able to come home. I hope Nayeli is getting some rest.

Thinking of you!! Hugs Liz and Shane--you are great parents and doing a great job!!

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04, and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Elizabeth said...

She is doing awesome and her crying could very well be pain or just frustration. It is hard being a baby and this cold crule world has been very vicious to her so far!

I hope you all are getting your rest and I think you are in wonderful hands there.

With thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCTION chants,

Terri said...

Liz and Shane,

I am so glad to hear the fluid is nothing serious. She looks so adorable on her little Cpap mask. Hey I just want you to know that if you think Nayeli is uncomfortable or that she is having withdrawls please let them know that you want meds. They have to give her meds if she is crying. Crying IS a sign of pain. Sure these babies are unique but she did just have surgery so she might still be uncomfortable.

I feel for you guys because we are going through the same thing. See they want them healed and off of meds but with these little girls just having abdominal surgery things still are hurting. I always tell the docs Okay after your stomach is open all you get is Tylenol after the third day!!

Little Nayeli will find her normal.Do what you feel is right. We just want our babies to be well!

Hugs and love to all three of you from the Helmicks!

Gail said...

I certainly feel for you and know how you are struggling right now with Nayeli's cries. Try to think of it as a discomfort to her and the only way she knows to bring attention to it, is to with a soiled diaper or hunger..her discomfort will get better every day, just like yours probably is Liz..your surgery was major and is at times, painful or uncomfortable, and so is Nayeli's. Don't be afraid to ask the Drs or nurses if they think she is in pain or just fussing..they can read her stats and tell you what they think. In the mean time, you are both doing a great job of being caring and vigilant..keep up the good work, Nayeli counts on you to be her voice. The prayers will continue for all of you. Love to all, Gail

Anonymous said...

Praying for relaxation for Nayeli. She is such a fighter! I know she'll break through this.

-Megan, Nik, and baby John

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Hi Liz and Shane,

Just catching up with your latest blogs. We've been thinking about you this whole weekend and it's great to see that Nayeli is making progress and that you are getting more information from the doctors.
We pray that she continues to improve and that she gets the much needed rest.
You have such an adorable daughter, love all the pictures.

Ingrid, Alex & Alina

Fer said...

I'm glad the fluid is normal fluid. My prayers are with you... always!
CHERUBS Mexican Rep.

Amy Leonard said...

Sounds like you have great docs working with you - hang in there and enjoy your precious warrior. She has come so far in such a short time and will continue to conquer! Our thoughts and prayers continue for you. Love, Amy & Jon

Zorah Braithwaite said...

Liz and Shane,

Our hearts go out to little Nayeli and we're praying for her to get much needed rest and recovery. You both are so strong, hang in there!

Zorah and Bert

Pamela said...

You guys are doing great! As someone said its not "normal" for a baby to cry for 3 hours straight. So when the normal checks have been made -- hungry, dirty diaper and sleep can't happen -- she must be in some pain. Its so hard to figure out sometimes. Keep standing up for your little one! God is along side you. You guys are truely an inspiration!!! Can't wait to hug you both in a couple weeks and meet this little fighter!