Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bagel, Cream Cheese and Tomato

Nayeli is enjoying her tummy time a little more each day. She went from 1 minute to 3 minutes in a month. She was complaining after 3 minutes. Today for the first time she did 5 minutes. I think that Molly and Twinkie cheer her on and are their to support her. Nayeli giggles and lets out a little laugh when Molly comes near her to try to kiss her. I tried to get it on video but it was too late to film. Next time. I went shopping for fleece PJ's for Nayeli and I couldn't find any girlie ones in her size. I found a cute blue PJ in her size so I had to get her a blue one. She still looks cute, plus it looks like a little doxie is on the PJ.
Nayeli slept in her room for the second night in a row. I cried again and didn't want to do it. Shane was so supportive and checked on her through out the night. Nayeli must be really enjoying her crib and room because she didn't wake up until 6:30am I almost slept in her room last night on the floor, it was so tempting. Nayeli didn't throw up last night, that made us really happy. Nayeli is our little warrior Princess and she continues to amaze us.

A year ago today I found out I was pregnant with Nayeli. I took a home pregnancy test first thing that morning. I went back to bed and I couldn't wait to tell Shane. Shane had worked the night before and got home around 3am so I wanted him to sleep a little longer but couldn't wait to tell him. So I woke him up and said "Honey we are both hungry, we are craving a bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes". Shane was half asleep turned over had the biggest smile on his face. We hugged and kissed and couldn't wait to tell my parents and his. I can't believe that was a year ago today.


Megan Larson said...

Hi Liz, Shane and Nayeli,

Wow, Nayeli looks more beautiful every day. She's doing so great! You know that little sleeper you got her? John has the same one!! He loves the clothes you sent. I keep meaning to get his picture in them. I had him all dressed one day to take them but he had a little blowout and we had to change. He's soo cute in them, though! I'll have to add the picture of him in the sleeper, too, and send them on to you.


Daria said...

You've come such a long way in a year - can you believe it!? I'm so glad to hear so many positive developments. She continues to amaze us all...and would look cute in any color! It's okay for you to get upset at her going in her room - it's so hard letting go...the first time you've had to do so. Just remember that some things seem sooooooooo hard at the time, but you look back and it will seem like nothing at all. xoxo

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Megan - she is absolutely beautiful!

You know it will not be long before she is in a big bed and climbing out of it to wake you both up in the morning! See there are good things to come!

It is amazing how far you all have come!

Anonymous said...

Hey, real women have curves and girl babies wear blue!! Especially strong girls, right? She is getting more precious every day. Can't wait to see your next video footage. Thinking of you guys. Love, Amy & Jon & family

Terri said...

Liz and Shane she looks AMAZING! Oh I love the story about how you broke the news. How exciting! All the changes in just 1 year huh? So happy for you guys!

Oh Congratulations on 5 long minutes Nayeli! I used to set up a train set and Ava loved to watch it go around and around. The key is distractions. The dogs PErfect idea!

~Terri & Ava