Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our First Family Vacation

Our first family vacation to L.A was great! Nayeli loves to travel. She did great on the drive to L.A and back. We had such a great time seeing our family and friends. We had the chance to meet Cadenne one Nayeli's CDH sisters for lunch. We had a great time meeting her and her family. We are looking forward to seeing them all again. Nayeli somehow knew we were on vacation because she allowed Shane and I to sleep in til 830am alot. We wanted to take Nayeli to the beach but the day we wanted to was not in the forecast for us. We took Nayeli to Travel town where they have trains. I used to go there when I was a kid. Nayeli enjoyed her first train ride. We took her to the mall during the week. I laughed when she couldn't stop staring at another little baby girl about her same age. They passed each other just staring at each other. It was very cute. We took Nayeli out to restaurants alot and she loved it. She liked to look at everyone walking by the table. We got alot of attention and had lots of strangers come up to us. Shane and I were very paranoid about them trying to touch her. We quickly would tell people not to. Shane and I did get a few stares when we would wipe the tables and chair with antibacterial wipes. Shane got to go fishing and was happy about that. Overall we had a nice relaxing time and are glad we got to get AWAY! Here is a slideshow of our trip.
Nayeli is so happy to be on her first road trip
The day of our 3 year Anniversary


Michael and Elizabeth Reeve said...

What a little star....she just gets more and more beautiful by the day!


Aep said...

So cute!!! Glad you guys got away :)
We are headed to our first vacation in a few weeks!!
Nayeli looks so happy in each picture!!! Yea for summer and enjoy!!

Tracy Meats said...

So happy that you had a great time on your first vacation with Nayeli!!! That is wonderful she is a good traveler for you. Hope you 3 have a wonderful summer.

Much love, Tracy - Ian's mom

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

She is soo cute! Looks like you guys had a great time. Isn't it fantastic to be able to get away . Here's to many more!:0)

Daria said...

I'm so happy for you that you all got away together, especially as much as I know you enjoy traveling. That picture of Liz and Nayeli is just the cutest!

Megan Larson said...

Wow, such an awesome video of your travels! I feel like I'm right there. I think some of my favorite shots were of Nayeli trying to eat your food and then some of the "Mommy and Me" shots. So adorable! Oh, and I LOVE her carseat. Purple is my favorite color so the carseat is right up my alley! So lovely and feminine, just like Nayeli herself! Carter and John will have some local competition soon, no doubt!
I'm so glad your trip went well. Talk to you soon!

Gail said...

Those pictures were is almost impossible to look at that sweet baby and realize that last year, she was clinging to life...what a wonderful gift she is..and an incredible inspiration to those who may have been given the news that their "child to be" has CDH....thanks for sharing her and prayers..Gail

Anonymous said...

I love the video!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. The first of many more family road trips :)
Nayeli is such a ray of light!

Jen Rocha