Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sponsor a Night

Parker's House belongs to the Parker Reese Foundation and Parker is a little girl who did not survive CDH. Her parents started the Foundation to help families who need a place to stay to be close to their baby while in the hosptial. Parker's House is open to CDH families FREE OF CHARGE!

The Parker Reese Foundation is currently selling T-shirts as a fundraiser. The t-shirt is $16, you can choose your color, and wear it with pride to help spread awareness about CDH. Best of all...that $16 funds one night at Parker's House.

For more information and to see the t-shirt, see

If you are interested please email at for more information and/or an order form.

You may pay through PayPal, check or cash.


Anonymous said...


THANKS so much for posting this. The response we've had has been amazing and it's because of families like your own!

Your family is always in our prayers.

The Vierig's said...


Wow, thank you so much for the package for the little ones. You are so amazing :). I truly hope that one day we can meet face to face. By the way, you absolutely made Dakota's day by including her. She's starting to get jealous of all the attention Bodee gets so it was PERFECT. Thanks again :)