Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Nayeli has been trying to crawl but each time she gets on her hands knees she falls on her belly. So instead she rolls over to get where she wants. So far, Nayeli gets to destinations COMMANDO STYLE. Daddy has already said there will be no Military service in Nayeli's future, regardless of her ability to high and low crawl. Daddy has been there and did that for the family!! Shane and I still haven't child proofed our house. We keep thinking we have plenty of time but I think one day Nayeli is going to surprise us.Nayeli had a busy social weekend. On Saturday she went to her friend Joel's 1st Birthday party. She had fun dipping in the pool. She enjoys watching the older kids playing in the pool she wants to go in with them. She would scream and kick. It was fun watching her. Joel's mommy Jen made us feel right at home. She had hand sanitizer all throughout her house. We love her!

On Sunday Nayeli went wine tasting for the first time at Wood Family Vinyards. She watched and hung out with her buddy Joel. Nayeli was not shy and was trying to hold Joel's hand. She is a little flirt. She watched as Joel walked around and wanted to get out of my arms and join him. We think she will walk before she crawls. Her legs are very strong and she stiffens them each time we want her to sit down.

The last couple of days Nayeli has been waking up an hour or two after we put her down to go to sleep. She usually goes back to sleep once I breastfeed her. We think it's a growing spurt.
Joel's mommy holding Nayeli for the first time. Nayeli loved it! Nayeli's first friend


Alex, Ingrid & Alina Houchin said...

haha, the pictures just make me laugh. She is soo cute. I can already picture a row of boys in front of your door when she's a teenager.Shane, watch out :0).
Hugs from the UK.

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW !! I can't tell you what a joy it was to meet Nayeli. She is as precious as I though she would be. I look forward to watching the kids grow together. Thank you so much for letting me hold her. It was an honor. Can't wait until the next event with the Nelsons.
Jenn,Jeff,Jason and Joel

The Vierig's said...

LOL...when I see the words commando I think "without britches"...:). I just laughed when I saw what you guys meant. She looks great and looks like you guys are staying busy.

Hua said...

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