Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nayeli loves steak!

My parents came to visit this past weekend. It was dachshund mania! We took Molly and my mom's doxie Ducey to Doxie Yappy hour. Nayeli loved seeing all the different dachshunds. She couldn't stop giggling. Then Ducey and Molly raced at the Weiner Derby Races. Ducey did great and beat three other dachshunds in her heat but lost in the finals. Molly just raced for fun and was so cute! My parents cooked their famous carne asada, mexican rice, and pico de gallo. We are so spoiled when they cook for us. We are so thankful for them cooking for us. We gave carne asada to Nayeli to try and she loved it! Nayeli is eating more solids. She is feeding herself cheerios and cheese. She is breastfeeding exclusively and refuses to take the sippy cup. She will take the bottle for a few sips and then denies it. We hope that changes because I am due to go back to work in September.
Can I have some salsa with my carne asada? Police K-9! Visiting daddy at workNayeli and Ducey playing Peek a booMolly waiting for food to fall in front of her. Nayeli loves to clap. It is so hard to get it on video or on camera because she does it so fast then she stops. I was able to get it on video.

I am due to go back to work September 10th. I am sad about going back to work but I know I have to. We have been living off our savings for the last 7 months. My schedule has changed to 10 hour days four days on and with three days off. I won't see my baby girl in the morning when she wakes up. I will only get to see her for about an hour when I come home from work and then she will go to sleep. I think I am more distraught over this than I thought I would be. I have been praying to be strong. The Doctors told us how serious this winter is going to be and for us to limit visitors and crowds. The Doctor said Nayeli is still very fragile and we need to be cautious with her. We don't have any family members near us and are limited on who can come watch her. The Doctors told us to avoid childcare day care. With that in mind I was going to request for another six month leave extension without pay but instead I asked for Part Time status for six months until the cold/flu season is over but it was denied. I am very thankful for the time off they did give me. I know others don't have the time off like I did and for that I am very appreciative. I am also very thankful I have a job to go back to. My parents are going to help out by watching Nayeli. My mom is going to fly up or drive up every week and stay with us for two days to watch Nayeli. With the schedule Shane and I have it is difficult for our friends that want to help to come and help. We are so grateful we have such good friends that are willing to help us out.
Isaiah 43:2
When you go through deep waters,
I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty,
you will not drown.
When you walk through the fire of oppression,
you will not be burned up;
the flames will not consume you


Tracy Meats said...

Many prayers for you, Nayeli, and your family as you make the transition to going back to work. Hope everything works out very well and Nayeli has a cold/sickness free winter. Liz and are amazing parents and Nayeli is one happy little girl!!

Much love to you,

Kaden's Grandma said...

Liz and Shane, I can't believe that Nayeli can be 10 months old already. I think about her lots when I think about our Kaden and Krist and Craig. She is such a beautiful little girl and we know how blessed it is for you to have her. God keep her in your power and help her through this next year. Keep your fingers crossed and keep those prayer coming for success for Kristi and Craig. They draw strength from you both. I will keep you in my prays for strength and calm as you go back to work. I know it's hard.
Kristi's Mom and Kaden's Grandma