Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Shay" means Shane

Three! If you click on the picture you will see her bottom third tooth

Going back to work the second week was a little easier than the first. My first week back was hard. I cried everyday on the way to work. What made it easier going back was that I knew my parents were coming up. My parents arrived last Friday and left today. We are so thankful to have them help us. Not only did my mom watch Nayeli while I was at work but she also cooked dinner for us. She is awesome! My dad enjoyed taking Nayeli for walks on the jogging stroller. I called my mom numerous times a day to check on Nayeli to see how she was doing while I was at work. My mom said that on Wednesday Nayeli was playing in her exsaucer and she lifted her arms up at my dad and said Pa. That is what I call him so she copies what I say. My parents did such a great job taking care of her and playing with her, that every night she was so tired she would pass out before 830pm. I miss not being able to breast feed her during the day. Nayeli seems to miss breast feeding as well. I am so happy that I have a quiet and private place to pump at work.'

When I breast feed her in the evening she goes for 15 to 20 minutes. We have stopped rocking her to sleep at bedtime because she no longer wants us to do it. Instead we cuddle and snuggle with her and read her a book. Sometimes when I put her down for bed she will get up and stand up on in her crib, she wont cry but she extends her arms out at me. I pick her up and she wants me to rock her. She puts her head on my shoulder and wants to snuggle with me. We miss each other. I love when she does this! She will do this for 5 minutes and then she will look at her crib and stretch her arms out to it. I say Mimi's, hand her a teddy bear, and she goes to sleep.

My first day off after working my first week. I was so happy to be with my baby girl!Nayeli and Nana
Nayeli taking over the doggie bed. Scoot over Twinkie!
I am so glad Nayeli did great in eating for my mom and taking the bottle. She takes 2 to 3 oz. on each feed. We wonder why she gives daddy such a hard time and only eats 30cc to 50 cc. for him. The days that Shane feeds Nayeli we notice she is a little constipated. So we try to add a little water to her food or breast milk. She has done better over the course of the week though and Shane thinks she is just getting used to seeing him more. I started to give her grilled organic chicken and she loves it. We love organics! I also gave her organic black beans and organic lentils, she gobbled them up. We are having her eat dinner at the table with us. We noticed that she loves eating finger foods she gets a little moody when we try to feed her by spoon. I can't believe she getting so independent. Her little personality is starting to peak through. Nayeli is starting to drink more diluted apple juice through her sippy cup as well.

It's great to see that Nayeli likes to repeat the words we teach her. This past week she started to say some new words: When we say "Quack Quack" she says "Qa Qa", "Bir" for Bird. She looks up at the sky and says "Bir." She also does the baby sign for milk and dog. It's cute when she does the baby sign for dog because she pants like a dog. Just today she patted her leg and panted at the same time for the official baby sign. The Baby sign DVD is paying off. She waved bye bye to my parents when she was going to bed one night. Last Saturday, one word that all of us laughed at is when she first said, "Shay," which we knew meant "Shane." I sometimes have to yell Shane's name from upstairs and Nayeli copies everything I say. So when she wakes up she will stand up on her crib and yell, "Shay." If she is in her Pak N Play and needs something she will also yell, "Shay." We are trying to capture all of her baby sign language and little words on video but she says and does it so fast.

Nayeli stood up for one second without holding onto to anything while she was in her Pak N Play on Tuesday night. She raised her hands up and let go of the rail while holding one of her books. Our girl has balance and Daddy is now convinced she will skate on the US Womens Olympic ice hockey team when she is older! My mom started cheering her on, when I looked up she was holding on to the rail again. It just goes to show you that things happen so fast and it takes one second to miss it. Nayeli is getting more confident standing up. She will stand up holding on to something and then bend down and grab something with her other hand. She also holds on to the baby gate and starts bouncing up and down when she gets excited.
Psalm 107
1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

Nayeli under her exsaucer.

Nayeli loves Twinkie's and Molly's toys. Here she is hugging them.Nayeli chasing after Molly.How do I turn this on?I think one day we will see Nayeli trying to drink out of the doggie bowl.If her arm fits in it she goes for it!She loves to wash her hands after being on the floor. What a great habit!
Please pray for the following CDH babies. Andrew who was born today and has been put on ECMO. Vincent who is at UCSF and just had his repair surgery. Jaime who got sick and has been hospitalized and is waiting to go home. To read more on them go to their links on the right side.


Tracy Meats said...

So happy you have such wonderful parents to care for Nayeli when you are at work. Nayeli is adorable! That is awesome she is talking and using sign language. She is one smart little girl too!

Love reading your updates! You have a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

She is so amazing. She is one determined little girl. Look out world here she comes !!
-Jenn Ray

Kate said...

Again- a day ago- I missed your update! hmmmmm and I'm even on your news feeds.. :) But I don't get those either.

Oh well- at least I get to see it at some point! I just love reading about her!! I'm glad your second week back at work was better than the first.. and I think it's amazing that she is learning so much with the baby sign!!

Love the teeth!! :)

Jonathan and Sarah said...

I love all the pictures!! Especially sharing the dog bed- Noah loves doing that too but our dog doesn't... haha! As for your stair question from our blog, we didn't have stairs until Noah was about 2. I kept a gate at the top & bottom so he couldn't go up without me knowing. Then after awhile he knew the rules (has to hold handrail going up/down or has to crawl up) and so now we don't have gates up anymore & he does pretty well. I still am right there with him, like today he fell coming down but I was right there and caught him. It scared him but he's fine. :)