Saturday, October 31, 2009

ONE year checkup

Yesterday was Nayeli's ONE year checkup. Shane and I were trying to guess her weight. We were both wrong. We try to compare her to Twinkie, who weighs 19lbs 15oz. We know she is not there yet. Nayeli weighs 19lbs. 6oz. and is 30 1/2 inches long now. I, as usual, cried with Nayeli when she got her shots. She got a total of 5 this time....poor little girl! She goes back for her first RSV shot in two weeks, along with her FLU booster and first H1N1 shot. Did we get this many shots when we were kids????

Doctor Hahn went over a few things with us on Nayeli's sleeping patterns and eating. He said the reason she is waking up in the middle of the night is becasue she is not taking enough calories during the day when I am at work. He suggested that when she does wake up, I let her cry it out. Dr Hahn suggested that I should go soothe her (by rubbing her tummy or whatever else we normally do to) and change her diaper, but said I shouldn't breast feed her. Dr Hahn felt this would make Nayeli eat from the bottle with my mom and Shane, and not from me at night via breast feeding. I don't think I can let her cry it out, and as of now, we dont plan on doing that. We are undecided as of this moment. Dr. Hahn said it could go away on it's own, or it could become a habit for her to wake in the middle of the night wanting to breast feed. I picture her being 5 years old and wanting to breast feed. LOL!

Nayeli getting ready to watch the Yankees game with daddyNayeli is happy that the Yankees beat the PhilliesWe all know who Nayeli really likes


Megan Larson said...

So glad her one year appointment went well--aside from those shots! Ouch! It's so hard for me too, I have to look away, I can't watch them poking my baby. Nayeli is such a beautiful little Princess. Thanks for keeping us updated and for visiting our site, too. I'm so glad we have you in our lives. PHONE CALL SOON! :) Or Skype? If you have it?? We do, it's fun! Nayeli and John could see each other. That would be awesome. :) Talk to you soon!

FaithCDH said...

One year check up! Oh my! She is such a beautiful little girl! Abby is only 4 months old, but I can't imagine letting her cry it out or not breast feeding in the middle of the night! It's such a way to bond and enjoy her before you go to work the next day. I'll be praying that its just a phase! Hugs and love to that sweet girl!


Kate said...

So you are doing the H1N1 shot?! K is too, as soon as this dang area gets it for her age group!! arg! Now that I have decided I want her to get it... it seems she can't get it. I am frustrated with it... my ped. isn't getting it so it's this human health service... deal. Arg! Anyway-

19 lbs 6 oz! Yay!! :) K has been stuck in the 16 lb range for a while.. but I don't feel like she isn't eating?! Idk..

As for the middle of the night deal- we were getting K up to feed her one more time to get the oz in... she would never really wake up.. but my mom mentioned it could become habit for her.. and seriously I hated the 11 o'clock feed time.. and so we just stopped. She does eat more during the day- I can now get her full 22-25oz in where as before I was counting on the 11 o'clock feed to finish that amnt. But again- K never woke up.. so I didn't have to worry about the crying part. That would be tough.

OH and yay Yanks! :) And it's ok for her to like the Dodgers- Joe is there! :) haha

Paula said...

Glad to see Nayeli thriving. The shots suck and no we never had that many, but CDH seems to add so many to the list that we probably would not do otherwise (i.e RSV, seasonal flu). Wyatt and I had the H1N1 last week and he'll get his RSV shots this week. Sad to say it gets worse as they get older and can vocalize their anger over it.
Crying it out...that is a tough call. Since his brother was born Wyatt has started waking up sometimes asking for milk. I don't have the heart to refuse him especially when I think about how I use to pray he would just take a few more ounces of the bottle. Like you said I don't think they'll be waking up years from now asking for milk in the middle of the night...these things seem to have a way of resolving themselves (on our kids schedule, not ours). Great pics!