Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Little Christmas!

Last Saturday night Shane and I went to our work holiday party. It was the first time leaving Nayeli without BF her before she goes to bed. I left breast milk for my mom in a bottle. It was harder to leave her than I thought it would be. I was only five minutes away and I knew she was in good hands with my mom. I called a dozen times. My mom was so understanding and kept telling me everything was fine. The first person who asked me who Nayeli was with while we were at the party just about made me cry. I got better through the night. The next morning Shane and I went to church and had a breakfast date. It was really nice having time together.

I only worked two days this past week, it was great being home with Nayeli. It amazes me how much Nayeli learns so quickly. She is a little sponge soaking everything up. This past week she has learned: Baby Signs for- Frog, turtle, fish, shoe, hat, teddy(bear). New words- fish,bye. Her favorite words are still "book" and "hi." She is fascinated by books. She can't get enought of them. When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she points at is her books, while she says "book" and baby signs book at the same time. When she wants to watch TV she always does the baby sign for hat. I guess thats because of her baby sign DVD.

Nayeli didn't want to put this hat on for her Birthday and now she wants to wear it everyday. We had a nice quiet Christmas. It was just the three of us. Shane had to work Christmas eve which was hard, but got to be home for a rare Christmas day. Shane made us a great Christmas dinner, cooking prime rib for over three hours, basting it every 20 minutes, with herb potato wedges and a salad. We had strawberry shortcake cake for desert. It was the best dinner! We were so excited to see Nayeli open her presents on Christmas morning. She got great gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Leonard and the cutest outfit from Great Grandma Leonard. She received the cutest shirt from her boyfriend Carter and a gift certificate from her boyfriend John. Thank you all for the gifts! She had so much fun opening her presents. What cracked us up is that she was more interested in her diaper bag. Funny girl! She got lots of books which is her favorite! She likes to chew and read them. We are so thankful to be spending this Christmas together. We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Day with your family and friends.

There are so many pictures that I wanted to post so I decided to make a video instead. This is a funny video because Nayeli is baby signing and I was trying to figure out what it was. She wasn't comfortable in the position she was in. She needed to release some gas and sat up did it and sat back down. She is one gassy funny girl! She makes me laugh everyday with the cutest things she does.


Kate said...

looks like Christmas was a blast! :) I love the jean dress that Nayeli was wearing in a few pictures!!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! :)

Jen said...

Looks like fun! Merry Christmas!!

Jen, Kenny, and Sofie

Megan Larson said...

Wonderful! The pictures are awesome. I'm amazed at how many words Nayeli knows and is learning! She's such a smarty. Thanks for sharing her with us.

That dinner sounded fantastic. I'm glad you got to enjoy it together.