Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where is your ear and belly?

We are so happy to announce our first ever Ice Hockey Charity Game for the Nayeli Faith Foundation. It will be on Saturday, December 26th, at 730pm at Logitech Ice, 1500 S. 10th St, San Jose, CA. We are selling tickets for $20 each, which includes entrance and 3 raffle tickets. The prizes are being donated by the San Jose Sharks Hockey Team and Hockey Xsport in Oakland. They are giving autographed pictures, autogrpahed hockey sticks, jerseys and a family pack deal to skate and have lunch at Logitech Ice, to mention a few items. We are so excited! We are sad that Nayeli won't be able to go. Our goal is to raise 2k, which is guaranteed for all intensive purposes because Shane's team (The Norcal Blue Meanies) has to rasie this amount for their upcoming SJ Sharks tourney at the end of January. We want to thank the San Jose PD Ice Hockey team for taking time out of their days to skate against in this game. The SJPD team has comitted to raising 1K from their team the the foundation. Anything more will be a pleasant bonus! Our goal for next year is to have more fundraisers, to inlcude at least two ice hockey games.

Max and Twinkie On a sad note our cat Max has not been feeling well. It all started last Saturday. We were looking all over for him in the house and couldn't find him. I finally looked under Nayeli's crib. He never goes in her room. He knows he is not allowed. So we knew something was wrong. We noticed him breathing rapidly towards the end of the night. We heard him wheezing so Shane took him to ER. They ran xrays and said he had some fluid build up around his chest, as well as scar tissue and fluid around his lungs. They told us that he could wait til Monday to be seen by regular vet. If he started to pant, then to bring him back. Shane took Maximus to see our regular vet. He is an awesome vet. If you are looking for one, his name is Franklin Utchen and he is at Bishop Ranch vet Center in San Ramon! He did major surgery on Max over 1 1/2 years ago. He did more xrays. He told us that Max has a heart problem (which he basically called heart failure) and the fluid around his chest is making matters worst. He started him on LASIX. He was on this before and so was Nayeli. We hope Lasix helps him like it did before. He is starting to eat and be more active. We are sad. Nayeli loves Max and says kitty each time he walks by. Shane talked to Dr Utchen a little bit ago, and was basically told that the days are, for a lack of better terms, now ticking because a cat, or human for that matter, with a heart problem, is bad no matter how you look at. We will continue to monitor him and see how things go, we just dont want him to be in pain or suffer.

Molly let Nayeli borrow her jacket. I can't believe she fits in it. Picnic at the Park
During dinner tonight Nayeli started to get a little moody. We usually have to distract her with a toy for her to eat the rest of her dinner. She kept extending her arms out towards the dinner table. We were trying to figure out what she was asking for. I gave her the empty container of yogurt and she was so happy when I did. There is a picture of a baby boy on it with his arm lifted up slightly. She put her two arms up and did the same motion and started to have a conversation with him. We hope we can have her have a playdate with one of our friends son soon. He doesn't go to day care, has had his flu and H1N1 so he is the perfect date for her LOL. She loves watching other kids. She has a learning video with children playing and singing she almost starts to cry when she sees the other children. She is so happy tears are coming out. I guess she is going to be sensitive like me.

We always tell Twinkie and Molly to get out of the kitchen when we sit down to eat and are feeding Nayeli. Tonight Nayeli helped us out by saying it too. She is so funny. I always thought that Nayeli was ignoring me when I am teaching her a new baby sign. Well tonight she proved me wrong. I showed her the baby sign for turtle twice today. When I was getting her ready for bed she looked at her book that had the turtle and did the baby sign for it and tried to say it.

The other night we were asking Nayeli where her ear, belly and nose are. We got is on video all except her nose. It's funny because she will stick her finger in her nose when we ask her. Her second molar came out yesterday. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it. She gets a little moody and chews on everything that is in front of her. I don't want to jinx this but I am sleeping better at night.

Please pray for baby Averi. She is on day seven of ECMO and her liver is bleeding. That can't be repaired until she is off of ECMO.


Kate said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat! I even teared up! :( Makes me remember finding my very first cat in a paralytic state and to find out she had diabetes! :( I hate when animals get sick!!! I hope all works out ok!!

On a happier note, Nayeli is so smart! :) I love the videos!! And you can totally tell she found her ear- I heard you at the end say oh I didn't get it.. but you did! haha!! I wish we could take K to the park.. but pretty sure it's not ok to take her out in below 0 degree weather.. BRRRRRR!!!! We have to take her to her 9 month wellness apt today, and I'm scared bc she has to go outside in the freezing cold!!

Anyway- I hope your cat gets better and lives out 9 more lives! :)

Megan Larson said...

Thank you for the wonderful update on Nayeli. I'm so sorry to hear about Max. I'm glad the medicine is making him more comfortable. Isn't it funny how much our animals know to tell us when there's a problem?
I can't wait until we get to see each other this summer. That will be SO FUN!
Merry Christmas!