Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun in So Cal

I can't believe how long it's been since we updated the blog. We have been having so much fun! We recently took a trip to LA. We visited lots of friends and we went to Disneyland. Nayeli loved it! The weather was so nice 80 and 90's the entire time we were there. I loved it! Shane doesn't do well in heat. We had a nice relaxed time. My parents cooked the entire time we were there so I felt like I was at a five star hotel with them. They really make us feel special. My parents took us to a nice four year anniversary dinner. It was great going out and going to a restaurant. I loved having her sleep in the same room with us. She would wake up and start talking. She is in such a good mood in the morning. My dad got this shirt for Nayeli when he was in Oaxaca earlier this year.
First time on a playground swing. Going out with friends.First time on a pony.Having fun with CDH sister CadenneSparky and Molly salivating over my mom's BBQ. All three cousins together.
Our Family!
Going out with friends!
A week before our vacation Shane sprained his ankle while he was playing hockey. He is recovering. I think Nayeli knows daddy doesn't feel well and gives him a harder time. She refuses to be carried by him alot and wants me to carry her or hold her. We thought we were past this. She screams and cries everytime Shane puts her in the carseat. I don't have that problem unless we are leaving a fun place. Nayeli is starting to be more vocal about what she wants. She started this habit to ask for her binkie before bedtime. She would only use the binkie during the day for naps. Now it's the first thing she asks when she is going to bed. I have given it to her but take it away as soon as she falls asleep. It actually helps her go to sleep faster. I guess the binkie is a good thing.

Her voice is so cute when she wants something. She will say juice yes, milk no, cheese yes. When she refuses to eat she will eat chips or crackers. We are ok with that as long as it's loaded with calories. I am breastfeeding three times a day. I probably average 2oz. each time. I will cotinue to BF as long as she wants. I was starting to worry when I was only pumping a couple of drops during the day at work. I am not pumping as much but will average 2oz a day. She seems to take more when she breast feeds.

We are enjoying taking her to the park and having her do regular things. We are still cautious and wipe her hands after. We are also enjoying going out to dinner. We hope we can be normal one day.

She started saying animal names and what they say. She says sheep baaaa, cow moo, horse ney, and will only make pig and lion sounds.
She is starting to say two words
*bless you after we sneeze
*thank you
*poopoo ewww yuckie
She says that each time she sees the dogs pooping or she goes outside our backyard and points to it and says that.
She mimics us alot.
Her new words are grandpa, grandma, box, fart, please, open, on.

She loves the light switches and likes to open and close anything she can get to. We are child proofing all of our drawers, cabinets and door handles. She started to unzipper her pj's in the morning.

Her favorite dance CD is Michael Jackson. As soon as she hears it she starts dancing. We are allowing her to watch 30 to 45 minutes of TV. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba.

I love when she blows goodnight kisses to me. Her favorite book is the Baby Bible. She especially likes the pictures of the animals on Noah's ark. She will try to say their name and make the sound or mimic how they move. For Giraffe she extends her head out. For elephant she will take her arm out and wave it. Her favorite one is the Lion she will roar. Everything she does is miracle in our eyes. We hope to start potty training soon. We are shopping around for a good toilet for her and a travel one too. She has always done things on her time so we will be ready for her when she tells us she ready for potty training.


Kate said...

She is sooo big!! And she sounds like she has quite the fun personality... not so fun for Shane tho. ha!! :) It looks like your trip was a blast!! I wish Kayla would do the talking thing- that I can't wait for!! Arg! She too loves Yo Gabba Gabba- and loves music so she also watches Jack's Big Music Show. :) I can't wait to see a video of Nayeli dancing to Michael Jackson... !!!! :) And wow- I can't believe it's been this long either for you to post... it's much harder now don't ya think..!?

Terri L. Helmick said...

Liz and Shane...wow how she has grown! She is just adorable.So glad you got to get away for vacation. We are taking a two day trip here in July. Love her new words and phrases. She is at such a cute age. Hope your summer continues to go well.

All our love, The Helmicks

Jennifer Tenney said...

Nayeli looks so sweet ... such a big girl!!! She sounds like she is so smart too!
Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
RCDH survivor

Jen said...

I just can't believe how big she has gotten!! She's such a big girl! What a cutie pie with those pigtails too. Looks like you all had fun. I agree - we definitely need a video of her dancing to MJ!

Timothy and Jenny said...

She is getting so big and is doing so awesome!! Sounds like you all had a great family trip. It is so great to hear that you all are doing great!!


Stephanie said...

She's getting so big!!!! What a sweet little girl she's turning into! So glad you were able to get away for a little while. Shawn and I are getting away for just two nights in July. CAN'T WAIT!!! It will be the first time I will have been away from the twins. Should be interesting.

Much love to you and your sweet family!

Stephanie Studdard