Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nayeli Faith is THREE!

I love that Nayeli is being more expressive with how she feels and what she wants. Sometimes too expressive when she says "Leave me alone man" or "No timeout". I do love that she started to tell me "I love you mommy" yesterday and I was in awwww with it. She hugs me more often. I will be doing something and she will come and give me a hug. My girl is so sweet!

Three years ago I was nervous about delivering her. I didn't know what was going to happen. It was the most terrifying and exciting time of my life. I look back and it still feels like it was just yesterday that I was sitting by her bedside praying to God to have mercy on my baby. I am thankful for the gift he has given us. She is my miracle baby and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

We went to the UCSF CDH reunion last night and she had a blast dressing up as Snow White we left the twins at home with our babystitter. It was nice just spending time with Nayeli. It was great seeing the Doctors and we presented them with a $2,000 check from the Nayeli Faith Fondation. We went to the UCSF NICU reunion today. We took Eli and Eliana and they all had a great time. They were all so tired on the way home they took a one hour nap on the way home.

We took Nayeli out for dinner for her Birthday and had the twins stay home with our babysitter. I feel bad that I had to leave them two nights in a row but they are in a strict schedule for bedtime I don't want cranky babies out for her special day. We then stopped at Toys R Us and picked out her gifts. She is so happy with the gift we picked out for her. It's her own digital camera! She kept taking pictures and didn't want to put it down. We also got her a Disney pillow to sleep at night and another Disney chair for her to read books in our room while I am pumping or just wants to hangout. She has a total of three comfy chairs! I hope she shares with Eliana.

Here is a video I made of Nayeli enjoy!

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