Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"I want to be a baby"

Shane and I went on our first over night in 5 years with out the kids in April. I had a hard time leaving and I was surprised I ended up going. My parents were so comforting and told me to go or they would go for me. They know how to make me laugh. This was so special for us and we appreciated our time together. We are going on regular date nights and we always look forward to them. This is our view from the location we stayed at along the coast. BEAUTFUL!
It's hard to believe that Nayeli will be starting Transitional Kindergarten this year. She is right on the cut off date to start Kindergarten until the following year. I had a hard time thinking of her going off to school but it's one of the big milestones she is going to go through I know I will be sobbing so I will have visine ready. Shane took one week of vaction in July and we took turns taking her places while the twins napped in the afternoon. We took her ice skating, chuck e cheese, a museum for wildlife animals that they rehabilitate, mini golf and bowling. We spoiled her with ice cream and slurpees! She loved every minute and we can see she appreciated the alone time she got with each of us. We plan on doing this more often with her.

She had her first dance recital in May. We didn't think she was going to dance because of what happened a few weeks earlier in the semester. Her regular dance teacher moved and had a fill in teacher who was great. Unfortunetly Nayeli didn't think much of her and said she didn't want to dance anymore. We were sad and didn't want to force her so we gave her a few oppurtunities to try but she just sat in class and refused to participate. I had already invested in her costume and tickets. Now what? I asked her what would have her dance again. She said if we got her a new Rapunzel dress she would do it. She drives a hard bargain. Well I was the sucker that fell for it and I was looking online for a Rapunzel dress. I think she realized the night of the recital that it was so much fun to dance and she insisted that I sign her up again. It's always on her terms. She wants to try hip hop in the fall.

In May Nayeli stayed with my parents for the first time LA for 6 days with out us. She was excited tto go and I was sad to see her leave. I fought the tears and waited to cry until she left. Then I bursted out and cried. It's hard to let go but I have to get used the idea our baby is growing up. She had the best time with Grandma and Grandpa. She asked to go to Chuck E Cheese everyday. She got her wish! She turned down the Zoo, pony rides, aquarium and Disneyland to go to Chuck E Cheese. I was shocked that she would turn down Disneyland. My mom said that the staff at Chuck E Cheese loved her so much that they kept giving her prizes for no tickets. Aha! That was it! Smart girl! She knows where to go for the perks.

I missed her so much while she was away. I sat in her room a couple of nights and cried a few times. It's hard to give her one on one time but I promised myself I would do more of it when she got back. When she came back home she cried and hugged me so tight and said she missed our house.

We play alot more games, color, puzzles or just watch tv and cuddle while the twins nap. It's nice to have that time. We appreciate it more. We went to a childrens play and she enjoyed it so much she asked if she can be in a play. She is signed up for a performing class and is singing and dancing.

Everyday we are so grateful for her health and her being here with us. She complains about tummy aches alot but then it goes awaay. We have asked the UCSF surgeons about this and they said not to worry.

As I was putting her to bed one night she asked to see baby pictures. We took the album of her when she was 4 months through 6 months. I have so many pictures! When I was putting it away she started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I want to be a baby". This isn't the first time she has cried saying this but this time she sounded so heartbrocken. I held her and said that if she were a baby she couldn't eat pizza, go to Disneyland, Chuck E Cheese etc. She was still sad and was crying. I held her and rocked her and sang to her. She was still sad. I was getting sad at this point because I can see she was sad and hurt. We gave each other a kiss goodnight and I started to pray. I look over and she was fast asleep. I thank God for comforting her. She has never fallen asleep while we are praying. I kissed her and walked out. I started to have a few tears come down. Yes I know I am crying alot lately. I think she is as scared as I am that time is flying by!

I ran my first marathon for the Nayeli Faith Foundation. I can't believe I ran 26.2 miles. Having three kids it was hard time to find time to train. All I can say is that it was worth the pain and I will do it again. Nayeli made me laugh once when she said "You can do it mommy"! "Go run 40 miles". I am thankful for my wonderful husband who was supportive and Nayeli who reminded me why I was running. This is us at the finish line with our medals. What a great day it was!!

I am thanful for our miracle! I volunteer my time to the Nayeli Faith Foundation so we can give hope, support, and help to the CDH families at UCSF. Along with the foundation I also volunteer as the President for the MOMS Club I am a member of and Kiwanis which I have been a member for over 11 years. I am one busy mommy and love the challenges my children throw at me each day. They are teaching me to be their mommy and I couldn't ask for a better boss.

Oh how I wish they would be babies again so I can cherish each one of them individually. Time doesn't stand still it just keeps flying. I stop and stare at each of them and study each little thing about them. Their hands, faces, expressions, temper tantrums. They are a wonderful gift from GOD and we are forever thankful.

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Cindy said...

Nayeli and the twins are getting so big! And that is so awesome that you ran a marathon!!!