Friday, September 19, 2008

33 weeks and 5 days!

I had an NST on September 15th everything looked great! My fluid was 33. I had an appt. with Dr. Maier on September 17th. Dr. Maier showed us Nayeli's lungs in the ultrasound and they looked like they were rocking back and forth and he said that is Nayeli taking practice breaths. I was so happy to hear that! Dr. Maier also told us Nayeli weighs 5 lbs. My little rose bud is growing. Dr. Maier was concerned of blood pressure being high and my ankles being swollen more than usual. I had blood tests done, they all came back normal. I had an NST today and my fluid was 38. I was concerned, Kathy my favorite nurse told me it's ok and not to worry. She always makes me feel better.

My last day of work was today. Dr. Maier decided to take me off. He wanted to take me off over a week ago but I insisted to work a little longer. I am looking forward in taking it easy and spending more time reading, singing and talking to Nayeli.

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