Saturday, September 13, 2008

NST and Dr. Visit

On September 11th I went in for my NST. I have the same nurse each time that does the test and she is so nice and makes me feel at ease. Nayeli has been very cooperative with her heart monitoring until that appt. The nurse Kathy was having a hard time keeping up with Nayeili. She wouldn't stop moving around. It took over an hour for her to finally stay still and get a good heart monitor. Nayeli's heart looked great! After the NST I had an appt with Dr. Maier. We talked about my appt. scheduled with UCSF on Sept. 22nd. I am scheduled to meet with USCF to set an induction date. Dr. Maier did an ultrasound and he told me Nayeli's liver is partly up along with her stomach, spleen and intestines. I knew that but I ask each time I go. I have hope that maybe one of these visits he might say everything is ok. Nayeli looks like she has a raised fist of CDH defiance in the the ultrasound as though she is telling us she is tough and ready for the battle. My little baby girl is giving me a sign already that she is going to be a fighter!


Terri said...

Liz and Shane,

So nice to hear Nayeli is still doing good inside. We also got a thumbs up sign from Ava. Keep Hope Alive! She is already such a beautiful baby girl. I can't wait to see her. Praying for you both!

~Terri and Brian

Brian and Cassi Reed said...

These CDH baby girls are super strong and fighters. Elli was also super "busy" during ultrasounds and was always on the move. These little ladies are so amazing. Keep the faith, Nayeli will show all those doctors! Awaiting to know the induction date...good luck and get some rest!
Keeping you all in my thougts and prayers..

Angel Elli's Mommy - Cassi