Monday, September 22, 2008

UCSF 34 weeks!

We went to UCSF today to meet with Dr. Rand. Dr. Rand is a great Dr. and runs the UCSF CDH research program with Dr. Lee. Dr. Rand discussed our birth plan and also planned to set an induction date. After meeting with Dr. Rand and having an ultrasound, he decided to wait to get further records from Dr. Maier at Kaiser Hospital. We are scheduled to meet with Dr. Rand again this Friday and he should then set an induction date. Dr. Rand wants to do another echocardiogram and level 2 ultrasound at UCSF so he can get a better look with his own eyes. Dr. Rand expressed his concerns to us about my fluid being too high. He said at our visit it was at 36. To me that sounded ok, but Dr. Rand he said it is very high. He also educated us about the fact Nayeli could become Hidropic (Hi-drops) and told me that there is a chance I can go into Preterm labor which can be very serious with all the fluid I have. In our ultrasound Nayeli is now in a breach position. Her head is on the left side and her butt is down towards my abdomen, after being head down for over 3 weeks she decided to move. Dr. Rand said it's easy for her to move around due to the high amount of fluid. Shane and I are praying Nayeli moves back to the head down position because as most of you know, if she doesn't, a c-section will be required. Nayeli is active and Shane and I are confident she will move to the head down position when the time comes. If things go as planned, Dr. Rand plans to do the induction during the 38th week. We will keep you posted on the when the induction date will be.

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