Friday, October 24, 2008

Nayeli is in Surgery

We went to see Nayeli this morning after only having three hours of sleep. We were up with Nayeli til midnight last night. I am so tired but can't sleep. Shane is also having a hard time sleeping. When we were with Nayeli this morning the Doctors were doing their rounds and told us that Nayeli would be having her surgery today and they would call us when they were ready to take her. We got the call around 11am and they said around noon today. We went to go see Nayeli before they took her to surgery. We were both trying to be strong. I bursted into tears and Shane was so strong. We held each others hand as they took our baby away. They asked if I wanted to give her a kiss. I dont know how I did it but I am not tall enought to lean over on her bed she is on. I leaned over my surgery area and kissed my baby girl. I held the three rocks our Pastor Coli gave to us and I prayed for God to watch over her and give her the strength during her 3-5 hour surgery.

Dr. Mackenzie seemed very optimistic and said Nayeli was very stable. Based on this, they decided to take her to the operating room downstairs instead of doing the surgery in NICU. The Dr. said they only take the most stable babies down to the OR, but like to do this because they have access to more equipment. The Dr. said they are very pleased with how Nayeli is doing, and after reviewing x-rays and her echocardiogram, they feel her CDH may not be as severe as originally diagnosed. So, they will first use a camera system to attempt to fix Nayeli's CDH. They suspect the hole in her diaphragm is smaller than expected and this allows them the opportunity to do a less intrusive surgery. The Dr. said that if this does not work, they will have to do the normal surgery by making a larger incision in her abdomen. This was great news to us and we pray the lesser instrusive surgery works. After they took our daughter to surgery, we went back to our room and have been trying to relax, while anxiously awaiting a call from Nayeli's nurse or surgery team. Nayeli's nurse, Mardi, said she would call us as soon as she heard something. So for now, we have to wait. We are both very nervous and worried about our daughter. Please pray for, not only for our daughter's surgery taking place right now, but also for her recovery as this will be a very delicate time for her.

Thanks for your continued support. It means so much to us.

Daddy holding Nayeli's hand

Mommy holding Nayeli's hand

Mommy kissing Nayeli before she goes into surgery

Nayeli being taken into surgery


JIM & DEE said...

Liz & Shane,
We are home today and we are checking in regularly, all are prayers are ongoing for Nayeli, sounds like she is doing well!
Glad to hear they are taking her downstairs with all the great equipment...these hospitals and Dr.s are so amazing!
Tabi was with us all morning...we got to baby we are wore out...Great Grama is here too she had to go take a nap ! She is only 67 but she said wow... she is busy busy busy....all our best to the gama and grampa's too!

luv... JIM & DEE...

Gail said...

"Count it all joy, my brethren, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."
- James 1:24, RSV . you are an inspiration to everyone who is dealing with a sick child. It sounds very positive and that Nayeli is surrounded with the best of everything..doctors, equipment, etc, but most of all, by parents and grandparents who love this little girl more than life itself. Hang in there and keep are NEVER alone!! Love to all, Gail

Pamela said...

Nayeli, I have so many people praying for you (and your mommy and daddy too). You stay strong! I just know that God will give the doctors wisdom to help and heal you quickly. Love, Auntie Pam & family xoxo

Daria said...

I have a circle of friends here in the Valley praying and thinking positive thoughts (and wiping a few tears)for Nayeli and her mommy and daddy. Like Gail said, you are not alone and are totally surrounded by love.

Amy said...

Shane & Liz, stay strong during this difficult time. You have people all around praying for you and for Nayeli. My heart is in my throat after reading your latest update but I trust that all will be successful in her surgery. Hang on to each other and your love. I have my dearest friends here in CO praying for you too!

Amy & Jon

Gina said...

I have tears in my eyes. I am going to say many prayers for Nayeli..for her surgery and recovery. I know this is a tough time and I wish I was there to give you both a BIG hug. I know God is watching over her. I will keep checking for the update on how she is doing. She is very strong and she will get through this and then you get to bring your baby girl home.
Love Always!

Anonymous said...

We are keeping all three of you in our thoughts and prayers during Nayeli's surgery. It sounds like she is a strong little girl!

Annie & Mike Sobek

Tracy Meats said...

Liz and Shane, stay strong and keep believing in miracles. It is such a good sign that Nayeli is having her surgery so soon. Praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery for your precious daughter. Liz, try to rest. For your body is healing too. Many prayers for the Nelson family as you wait to hear news from the doctors.

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian(born 4/3/04 with a LCDH) and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Hi Liz and Shane,

It's great news that the information you are getting points to a less severe CDH. Thinking about you guys and following your blog, hoping for the best.
Tonnes of good wishes for a good surgery and speedy recovery,

Alex, Ingrid & Alina

Danielle said...

Shane & Liz, stay strong during this difficult time. You have people all around praying for you and for little Nayeli. I have the valley praying for you. I know this is tough, as I have been through this in a different aspect. With technology today - I have such high hopes baby Nayeli will get through this. She is strong and will come out shining!

Brian and Cassi Reed said...

I am so glad to hear the Nayeli is having her surgery. She is such a strong girl. All that has gone on in the past few days is truly a testiment of how well she is doing. So glad to hear that things might be better than expected, that is such a rarity.

Liz- You are amazing and so strong. I hope that you are feeling well, the next few days will probably be rocky, but your situation sounds so much like Liviana's, she had her surgery done laprascopicly, and you should see her now, you would never be able to tell that she struggled through those first few months. And also she was out of then NICU within a month.

Shane- Thank you for being so strong for Liz, these are such hard times, but I remember when we were right in that spot Brian held me close and told me things would work out how they were suposed to. He is my ROCK and I can tell that you are exactly that for Liz.

You all have been constantly in my thougths and prayers. I have nothing but hope and admiration for the strength that all three of you have shown. Anxious to hear about how the surgery went.

Lots of Love!
Angel Elli's Mom

Sonya said...

God I already working His miracle in Nayeli!

Vicki Jensen said...

Liz & Shane,
What fantastic news that the docs think Nayeli's CDH is not as severe as they thought and they will attempt the laproscopic surgery! I will keep her in my prayers.
mom to Jack

Anonymous said...

Hey we are thinking and praying for you guys. I sure hope Nayeli is out of surgery by now.

~Terri and Brian

Nimkee's Mum said...

Nayeli is absolutely gorgeous! I am praying and sending lots of Nimkee blessings your way. ((((HUGS))))

Anonymous said...

great news that Nayeli is in a better spot than originally thought. lots of prayers for all of you guys, espically Nayeli! she is a strong little girl and i KNOW she will pull thru this. prayers from people you dont know!!!!

Anonymous said...

liz and shane,,, amazing!!!! with all you guys are going thru now you can still support other families!!!!! you guys are GREAT!!!

Elizabeth said...

Sending you all thoughts and prayers and that beautiful girl LUNG FUNCTION Chants...


Gillian Brown said...

Liz & Shane,

I'm so glad you hear you special little Nayeli is out of surgery and doing well...I will continue to pray for Nayeli and your family.

Gil (Kadens mum)

Fer said...

My prayers are with you.