Monday, October 6, 2008

Nayeli's Nursery!

Shane and I finished Nayeli's room this morning! We are so happy with the way it turned out. It took us at least two weeks to do it, but we had a great time doing it together. It was great quality time spent together! It is a testament of the love we have for our baby girl!

Shane and I were laughing because her room looks better than ours. We bought paintings and decorations for our room quite some time ago and still have not hung them up. Here are pictures of her room. Notice the small armoire next to the big one. It's Twinkie and Molly's they have lots of cute sweaters! We spoil our dogs. Wait until Nayeli arrives. First picture is Shane building Nayeli's crib.


Jenna said...

A pretty pink room for your little girl!

Twinkie and Molly might have to share their clothes and closet space with doll clothes soon enough.

Jenna :o)

mummy to angel SKYLA said...

Wow, what a beautiful room Nayeli has got to look forward too. Dont worry mum and dad, Nayeli will be all fixed up and home with you all in no time. Lots of prayers coming your way.

Kristy, mum to Angel SKYLA, LCDH

Brian and Cassi Reed said...

Looks Awesome... Got your e-mail, finally it was in my Junk folder. Sent the package today. As always you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

Mom to Angel Elliott

Terri said...

Oh liz and Shane Nayeli's room looks so good. It is beautiful she is such a lucky girl. She will look perfect in it. The little center piece! Sending prayers for you both,

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Hey Liz and Shane,
It looks great!! Like what you've done there.

Thinking of guys in the final month of the pregnancy. Best of luck!

Alex & Ingrid from Cherubs.

Tracy Meats said...

Nayeli's room is just precious--very pretty! I love the color pink!! Many continued prayers for Nayeli and praying she is one strong little girl. Hope your appointment goes well today! Take care of yourself and rest.

Many Hugs,
Tracy Meats - mom to Ian(born with a LCDH 4/3/04) and WY and CO State Rep. for Cherubs

Heather and Matt said...

Beautiful - absolutely every little girl's dream. I can see the love you two have put into Nayeli's room. Soon she will be the direct recipient of all of that love and that will be beautiful too. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
You are always in our prayers.

kathy said...

The nursery is beautiful. Nayeli is such a luck little princess to have parents that love her so much. Liz you look great by the way.Keeping you in my prayers.
Kathy Taborelli