Friday, October 31, 2008

Busy Day

We went to the Dr's rounds this morning to hear what the Dr's have to say about our daughter and her progress. Funny enough and considering it is halloween, most of the Dr's in the meeting at least had some kind of ear like costume things on. The lead Dr, had a full Winnie the Pooh suit. We couldn't resist taking a picture. The Dr's are going to increase Nayeli's food intake from 24 to 30 cc's, which gets her half way to the 60 cc's they want her eating before we leave. In addition to the food, we will have to give Nayeli other special nutrients to promote healing and growth as she gets older. The Dr's also decided not to put Nayeli on a c-pap and have also decided against a permanent tube for now. Instead, starting today, they are going to give her Lasics. If you dont know, Lasics is used to make Nayeli urinate more in hopes it will keep her fluid down and even better, ultimately get rid of it forever. So, for now, it is a test to see how it goes.

During the day, the Dr's decided Nayeli did not need to be in her radiant warmer bed. This bed maintains her temperature for her, but since she is doing well, they decided to try her in a regular crib. This will force Nayeli to regulate her own temperature, which is an added stress and more burned calories for her. They tested her for several hours in the radiant warmer (with it off) before moving her and she did fine. So, our baby girl is now in as normal a baby bed as one can get in a hospital. While Nayeli's primary care nurse Mardi got the new bed ready, I got to hold Nayeli for only my second time. I love holding her! Liz also held Nayeli today. Liz was pretty good on reading Nayeli a few times today. Nayeli wouldn't stop crying. Liz checked her diaper three times and those three times Nayeli had either peed or pooped.

Liz's dad brought Twinkie and Molly for a visit with Mom and Dad today also. It was great to see our "other" babies and very therapeautic for us. We only got to see them for a short time, but it was awesome as it feels like we have not seen them for months. As you could have guessed, Liz started to cry when her dad was putting them back in their crates to take them home.

Look at me I am a burrito for Halloween

Daddy I am going to cry no matter what you say!

Goodbye Radiant Warmer Bed!

Check out my new crib!


Anonymous said...

You guys, this is sooo awesome! She's just blowing past all the milestones. My family is so thrilled for you! Gosh, the way she's going she could be out in another week. I loved hearing her cry. And way to zoom in on the poop, Dad! We all laughed when we saw that.
Happy Halloween!

mommy to 4 week old John
Care Page JohnMichaelLarson

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Sounds like she is doing awesome. I should have thought about the lasix earlier and shared that with you guys. Kaden was on that for a long time, but it really does'll see it in her diapers : )!!! She will become a peeing machine!!!

I love the pictures...Kaden would have enjoyed seeing the Winnie the Pooh clan. I hope you guys have a great Halloween. I also hope that they start letting you hold her more and start trying to breast feed. Have they said anything about that yet???

Thinking and praying for you always.


Fer said...

I'm glad she's doing good, and tha picture of the doctors and nurses is great :)
My prayers are still with you :)
CHERUBS Mexican Rep.

Gail said...

This is amazing...she is something else that daughter of yours..this progression HAS to be some sort of record for cdh babies!!! lIZ..WAY TO UNDERSTAND YOUR BABY'S CRIES...You are truly "tuned in" and that is great, sometimes cdh mommies and Daddies feel like they don't get to bond as well the first month or so, but she is doing so well that you are both lucky you are able to do a lot of "hands on" things with her. The prayers are REALLY working..I am so thrilled. Keep up whatever you are doing. Love to all, Gail

Tracy Meats said...

Many continued prayers for Nayeli!! She sounds like she is doing great. Her very own crib in the NICU--what a big step. I hope you get to try feeding her soon.

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian(born with a LCDH on 4/3/04) and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Pamela said...

Way to go Nayeli!!! You guys are doing a great job too! Keep up the good work :)

Elizabeth said...

Mommy and Daddy instincts are amazing things! Crying isn't a bad thing - lung exercise.

Miss Neyeli is just doing amazing...and glad you both got to see your other babies. Soon you will all be together.

With thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCTION chants,

ammiee and tony said...

Hi Liz and Shane,

I am so happy that she is doing so great!! I have been checking in to your page to see how you all are doing. Lizzy and Nayeli don't seen to know they are sick, do they? Tony and I are thinking of you all.

Ammiee and Tony Gray