Friday, October 31, 2008

Nayeli's First Bath

Yesterday they increased Nayeli's feeding from 16cc to 24cc every three hours. She has anywhere from 1cc to 3cc of residual but is doing fine on her feeding otherwise. One of the Drs. told us yesterday that they were thinking of putting Nayeli on a Cpap breathing mask to help her with her breathing. By the end of the day the Dr. decided not to because they think Nayeli is would just take it off. Usually the Cpaps are used for premamature babies. The Dr. also told us that they were planning on putting a permanent tube in her chest to drain out the fluid. The Dr. told us that the fluid is not milky and it's nothing to be concerned about. Later on the day the Drs. decided not to put the tube in her chest.

Her breating rate is still the same it can go from 45 breaths per minute to as high as 145 BPM from the average of what the machine multiplies it by. It's complicated to explain. The Dr's have told us it's the norm for all CDH babies and we are aware of that. Yesterday Shane and I took turns reading the Jungle Book to Nayeli. Shane also sang the song "Sailing" by Christopher Cross to her. Shane's mom played this song for him when he was a baby.

I got to hold Nayeli skin to skin yesterday also. It was an incredible feeling and bonding experience. Shane and I got to give Nayeli a bath for the first time. Nayeli was not liking it at all. She just had a dose of morphine because she was crying for over two hours. The calming effect Shane and I have on her feels awesome. When Shane and I walk in the room and she is crying, we talk to her, touch her, and give her a binky and she almost always stops crying. Shane and I are learning to read her wants and needs every day. The nurse thought giving her a bath would be calming. It was making Shane and I nervous and we were sweating alot. I also starting to leak alot of milk from hearing Nayeli cry. After we got Nayeli dry in warm blankets she stopped crying. We are praying each day that she gets better and her fluid in her chest dissapears.

Like father like daughter....note the hairstyles


Terri said...

Liz and Shane she is absolutely ADORABLE! I hope you guys have a great Halloween! So glad you got to give her a bath. How fun and nerve racking at the same time!

Happy 1st Halloween Miss Nayeli.

~Terri, Ava and Brian

Fer said...

Nayeli is gorgeous! You have a very beautifl daughter.
Love, Fer.
CHERUBS Mexican Rep.

Anonymous said...

How precious! Unfortunately the sweating for Mom & Dad doesn't ever stop! I still sweat when I am stressed about something as a Mommy! Happy Halloween! Love, Amy

Gail said...

Absolutely precious..and that cry is heaven sent..keep stretching those lungs Nayeli...great exercise! I didn't hear my son's first cries for 3 whole weeks. Keep the to all, Gail

SWilson said...

How beautiful and strong God has created Nayeli to be! And you two look like pros already!
Blessings to you today!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and you can see the determination and fight in her !! Happy Halloween Nayeli :)
-Jenn Ray

Tracy Meats said...

Nayeli is such a beautiful little girl!! Many continued prayers the fluid in her chest will resolve soon and she will not need a chest tube. GOOD DAYS ONLY FOR MISS NAYELI--that is what we all like to hear. How wonderful to be doing her "cares" this soon--she is doing great. Liz and Shane--you look very rested in the current pics and even more relaxed. Beautiful family!

Happy Halloween Miss Nayeli--you don't even need a costume, for you are the most beautiful princess in pink!!

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian(born with a LCDH on 4/3/04) and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween! My heart melted when I read about Nayeli's first bath. Bathing our son for the first time was so fun and emotional, I'm sure it was the same for you. I'm glad she does not need the tube for that fluid. I have a feeling Nayeli will be home with you soon!! :)

mommy to John Michael

Jenna said...

I think Shane needs a pink bow too. :o)

She's beautiful!

If there is a good time for it, we would love to come by and say hi.


Jenna & Will

Elizabeth said...

She is beautiful - I think she looks like both of you!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers - keep remembering she is doing really well. I know you are concerned and have EVERY right to be - she is your baby!

Lung function chants for Nayeli,