Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nayeli's #4 RSV

Yesterday Nayeli had her #4 RSV shot. She has two more to go. We took pictures of her before her shot was given. She is always so unhappy after her shot her face turns bright red as she cries. As I was holding Nayeli I was a little teary too. I always cry when she gets her shots. It must be a mommy thing. Nayeli weighs 12 lbs. 10oz. That would explain my left bicep getting stronger. I guess I have to start alternating arms. The nurse told us Nayeli's Doctor would call us regarding further testing for her vomiting. She also said the Doctor will probably refer us to a GI doctor for further evaluation if her vomiting continues. We were so happy when Nayeli was having great nights not vomiting. It came back last night. We are hoping it's just from her RSV shot. We hold her upright for an hour and give her the gas medicine and she stills throws up. She only vomits at night.

Do you like Shane's new hairdo? Mark, Bodee's dad wore his hair in a funny way all day and posted his pic on their blog. I dared Shane to do the same. Here is Shane wearing his funny hairdo all day. Nayeli liked it, she smiled at her daddy's hairdo.


Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

I love the hair challenge for the Dads. I think you and the Vierigs have started a trend! Nayeli looks way too peaceful to be at the pediatrician's office. :)

Daria said...

It is a mommy thing. When mine got their 5 year shots I was a wreck for hours after. It horrible! Alas, it's better than the alternative of getting a horrible disease. Despite the circumstances, you all look happy, especially with cute new hairdos.

The Vierig's said...

Bodee has RSV #1 tomorrow...took the military way too long to get us in line for it. Ughhh...oh well! Love the do. I think Shane pulled it off a little better, especially since he spiked it all over. Marks little pee-wee herman spike in the front really made me giggle! He is thinking about doing a mohawk next...nice!

Fer said...

She's so sweet, as always :)

Tricia said...

Oh no! I was hoping that the vomiting was gone forever! Cadenne had her RSV shot yesterday, too... and it was equally enjoyable! LOL

I hope the little darling feels better soon!!

Aep said...

Hugs to Nayeli and Mommy!!! Almost done with the RSV shots, we can make it :)
She is such a sweetie, love all her hair!! And great weight!!!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Those darn RSV shots. I always felt bad for Kaden when he got his too. It is hard to watch someone poke on your baby and you can not do anything about it.

Terri said...

Liz and Shane before you told us the hair style was a joke I was thinking, "Hey Shanes hair looks like Brian's." (Well the front) I think it looks good. Brian always sticks up the front!

"Well little Miss Nayeli, young lady YOU are going to have to stop scaring your MOmmy and Daddy. I know you like to shake things up but us Mommy's and Daddy's are much too afraid for these things. You my dear keep looking just as darling as you do! Love you lots!"

As always to our best friends we are praying for you all!

~The Helmick's