Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Nayeli should have her own fitness show. She amazes us on how strong she is each day. She is lifting her head up while she lays down alot lately. She gets frustrated when she can't sit her self up. For a few days Nayeli would get upset during her diaper change or anytime we would lay her down. She wants to remain sitting up. When we are changing her clothes she gets upset too. Changing her sitting up is a challenge. We have her sitting up alot but she hasn't mastered it yet alone without our help or with pillows.

I am so glad I got the sleepy wrap. I got the idea from Carter's mommy Kellie. I saw her post with Carter sleeping and he looked so cozy. I got one and Nayeli and I love it! It has been great for witchy hour. As you can see in the picture. Nayeli has been doing great eating solids. We have given her sweet potatos, carrots, squash and sweet peas. Her favorite so far is squash. I think it's because I ate that alot while I was pregnant. We bought a travel baby food mixer. You can turn anything into puree. It's funny now that she is eating solids she is breastfeeding longer and is boycotting the bottle. Shane feeds her with a bottle once a day for daddy bonding. Nayeli has tried to breastfeed on Shane when Shane is feeding her. I spoke with the lactation consultant at UCSF. She told me that Nayeli is boycotting the bottle because she smells me and would prefer fresh milk. She said sometimes it's good just for me to leave the house when Shane feeds her. I left to do an errand the other day during the time Shane fed Nayeli. She ate the entire feed. I guess that worked! So now what I do is go into another room while Shane is feeding her or go outside with Twinkie and Molly.

We have an appointment on Thursday at UCSF for CDH clinic. We will be meeting with the surgeons, nutrionist and nurses. They will pretty much do a head to toe examination to see how she has healed. We hope it goes well. We are anxious for our house lockdown to be lifted so we can finally live like a "normal" family.


Irvin family said...

Nayeli is getting so big. It is so wonderful watching her grow and all the progress she is making. I know that it is only a matter of time until Oakley will be doing the same things.
GOD Is so GOOD! WE are truely Blessed.

Anonymous said...

Nayeli is so darn cute and getting cuter each and every day. I love watching her grow and progress so much. I love the Mamamamama---soon it will be Dadadadada! Keeping you all in my prayers! Praying that soon your "House-arrest" will be lifted and the rest of the world can meet Nayeli!!!!

Timothy and Jenny Rogers said...

Nayeli is so cute, what a sweet girl. I am so glad that you found Weston's blog, I am not sure how to get our story out there :) No we didn't deliver at UCFS, we are in Oklahoma City, OK and delivered at Children's hospital here. Thank you so much for adding us to your blog. I added Nayeli to ours :)

Anonymous said...

Those are the best sounds in the world. She's so beautiful and such a miracle.

Rachel said...

Man she is so freakin cute I could just eat her up!

Yay Nayeli@!!! You go girl with saying you some "mama" LOL

Fer said...

She's soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

She is soo cute! Love the video! Totally adorable!I cannot believe it how much she's grown and she is looking fantastic, so healthy..incredible!
I was chuckling about Nayeli trying to breastfeed on Shane. We had the same from Alina. Alex calls the bottle "daddy's milk".
Good luck with the appointment, we're sure everything will go well. Hugs from the UK.

Elizabeth said...

She is adorable - hoping that all clear will be given so your beautiful butterfly can burst from her cocoon!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!