Thursday, May 14, 2009

CDH Clinic at UCSF

Nayeli had her follow up with UCSF today. When we first arrived they took xrays of her chest. They placed Nayeli in this weird looking tube. She didn't like it at all and was screaming and crying. I cried along with her. Shane took pictures. It was over pretty quick. We then went to the clinic and met with Dr. Keller, Dr. Nobahara, RN Barb and the nutrionists. They weighed Nayeli and she now weighs 16 lbs. and measures 26 inches. She is 25% in her percentile. They were very happy with her growth and weight. Nayeli was so tired from having her xrays taken and being measured and weighed she decided to take a nap. The Doctors came in to examine Nayeli and she slept right through it. We were so pleased that she was very cooperative. Nayeli finally woke up when the stethoscope touched her, she wasn't happy. We tried taking a group photo. Dr. Nobahara increased her Rinitidine to 1 ml and her Reglan to .7ml. Everyone was so happy to see Nayeli and were pleased on how great she is doing. They are having us schedule a hearing test for Nayeli with her pediatrician. Nayeli has sensitive hearing so we know she can hear. The Doctors went ahead and told us it's ok to start taking her out to crowds and have visitors. They told us to still be cautious. We are so excited! We will have to go into hybernation again in October. The first visitors we wanted to go see were Nayeli's nurses in ICU. We picked the perfect day to go. Nayeli's first day nurse Christina and night nurse Ana were working today. They were so happy to see Nayeli. We were afraid how Nayeli would be with everyone she was coming in contact with since she only sees us. She did great! She flirted with Gabe who has always been a great help while we were there. She would not staring at him. We also saw my lactation consultant Fritzy and our social worker Stephanie both of them were a great help during Nayeli's stay at UCSF. We were so happy to see everyone today. We had a great appointment.
Family photo before her xrays.
Tube Baby!
Nayeli's nurses Ana and ChristinaOn a side note we met Hayley and Tim today. Their son Collin was born in April with CDH at UCSF. Collin was doing well and was discharged and went Kaiser three weeks ago. Collin reherniated yesterday and was brought back to UCSF. Collin had his repair surgery today and he is doing very well. Shane and I got to meet Collin. He opened his eyes while I was there. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. Please keep Collin in your prayers. Please pray that he will recover from his surgery and that there will be no more setbacks so he can go home.


brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

YIPPIE! I'm so glad you had a great check up and are free from the house. We've been trying to slowly get out a little more, but it still scares me. I posted on FB, but Carter had a chest xray in that tube and he SCREAMED the whole time. I couldn't wait to get him out of it. Can't wait to see pics of your family out and about.

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Yay Nayeli, way to go! Now you can show the world your pretty little face! She is soo adorable and you guys looks fantastic!
You're right, that tube looks weired, poor Nayeli, I can imagine that it couldn't have been the most pleasant experience.
It's fantastic news about her weight. Alina is still onthe 2nd percentile, I will tell her that she needs to be like Nayeli :0).
Oh, poor Collin. We know all about reherniation. Please tell his mum and dad that we are thinking about their little one and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Kathyb1960 said...

OH that tube looks horrible! Poor baby! But it is an interesting way to get the X-ray they needed!

Some day, Nayeli and Carter can compare horror stories about the weird tube they were stuck into! Yikes!

Ya'll are in my prayers! And it's wonderful you can get out and see people!

Kathy in West TX

Terri said...

Hey guys! She looks GREAT! Our hospital has that silly tube too but I deny it everytime not wanting to put strain on her alread delicate diaphragm but I'm sure she was just fine.....after it was all over!! You keep up the great work! She looks amazing as do both of you!!!

Cindy said...

I'm so glad Nayeli is doing well and finally gets to go out and about and see people.

I've never seen "the tube" before -- poor baby. But I can see how it would help them to get a clear x-ray the first time, and they can probably see things better since she is upright. We always have to hold Claire down on the table for x-rays, but she still hates it and is wiggly and they have to take multiple pictures to get a clear one.

Timothy and Jenny Rogers said...

So exciting that you all get to start going out, isolation is no fun, but we do anything for our children. The x-ray tube looks horrible no fun, glad we haven't had to do that. It is so neat that you get follow up visits we saw Weston's surgeon at around 5 months and he said he looked good and that was it, no x-rays or anything, very interesting I think. Nayeli is so cute, you all have a beautiful family.

Fer said...

I am glad the checkup went well!

Vince and Patty said...

:-) I am glad Nayeli's check up went so well! Charlie had to be put in that tube contraption the other day for an xray as well, and hated every second of it! I also took a picture though because I was not sure how I would explain it to everyone without a pic! Enjoy being able to be out and about again!!

Tracy Meats said...

That is wonderful that Nayeli had a great check-up!! I have never seen the tubes for chest xrays, they never used that for Ian's checkups...very interesting. I would scream the whole time too, if they stuck me in one. That is great news that Nayeli is growing and gaining weight. Enjoy taking Nayeli out some! Prayers for Collin's family...hope he recovers quickly from the surgery.

Hugs, Tracy

Elizabeth said...

They still use those tube things? Rachel went through that long ago - and kicked off her shoes!

Glad everything went well and you got to visit everyone.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers,